Floyd Mayweather Spills the Tea on Nelly, Shantel Jackson & Ashanti

Photo Credit: Big Tigger
Photo Credit: Big Tigger

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Floyd Mayweather caught a lot of backlash when he took to Instagram to reveal that his relationship with former fiancee Shantel Jackson ended because she allegedly terminated a pregnancy behind his back, and he has been taking numerous shots at her despite the criticism regarding her pre plastic surgery days.

But the famous boxer decided to set the record straight with Big Tigger via V-103, and he says he’s really hurt because Shantel completely lied to him about what happened with her pregnancy:

“I’m human, I reacted out of emotions because I got upset. She telling me that stress from me caused her to have a miscarriage when really she had an abortion.”

He then says the reason she didn’t want to have the babies is because she didn’t want to mess up her body:

“Yes my feelings are hurt. It’s selfish to only think about yourself. Her thing is I don’t want to mess up my body. My thing is, everything on your body I paid for. If we had the baby, I could put your body together again. Everything I did for you I did out of the kindness of my heart, not for your looks. Everything on you is fake. You got a fake butt, fake titties, you got work done on your face. My love is genuine, I accepted you as you are.”

And as far as Nelly is concerned, Floyd says he finds it trifling that she was kicking it with Nelly when she just slept with him not too long before that:

“I tried to help her build her brand, her name. Get her clothing line up there. If she’s your queen you’ve got to uplift her. You [Ms. Jackson] were just with me not too long ago, sexually. Then you’re courtside with some guy? Whether you’re having sex or not, that’s not a good look. Have some dignity, some self-respect.”

Floyd also feels that Shantel is just using Nelly for attention because she said some not so nice things about him before she went to a Miami Heat game with him:

“[There were] a lot of negative things she said about him.He’s on steroids. He’s broke. He has no more money. He [Nelly] borrowed over a half a million dollars from Ashanti.’ I would always say that’s not my business. I really don’t have anything negative to say about him. As a black man i was proud of him [for ‘Country Grammar’].

“At the beginning of training camp we [Ms. Jackson and I] were at my house, we were together, sexually. She’ll do anything for fame…With the baby thing, I was truly, truly hurt. Truly hurt.”


Floyd even claims Shantel is only using Nelly to get her own reality show.

Nelly has responded yet again with a few cocky Instagram messages:

nelly instagram
nelly instagram 2
nelly instagram 3
nelly instagram 4

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  1. Yes, what she did was foul but so was his decision to expose it. We don’t need to know why they broke up. That is their business and it’s time for the both of them to move on and let it stay in the past. And he has a fight tonight. He needs to get focused.

  2. It’s hard for me to feel bad for someone who thought it was necessary to have a harem full of women.

  3. Ashanti needs to cut Nelly off and do better. I can’t believe she’s so loyal to that man. He’s a joke.

  4. If Nelly can’t see he’s being used he’s an idiot. The whole world can see it, why can’t he? She won’t even be around in a few weeks. She’ll be on to the next.

  5. This is some more soap opera ish. My question is how could Floyd expect them to have a successful relationship when he knew she was a gold digger from the beginning and he refuses to stay faithful to one woman. They were doomed from the beginning.

  6. Shantel must have that good good because she has these men out here acting like some catty females!

  7. It’s so ironic to me that some men keep screaming about they want a woman to be loyal but then they are out here sleeping around. Now he should have known Shantel wasn’t a saint when she said she was ok with him sleeping with other women. No woman of character would be down for that. That should have been a red flag to him.

  8. I bet Floyd’s crazy baby mama Josie is just loving every second of all of this. She hated Shantel.

  9. Money doesn’t buy common sense I see. Floyd shouldn’t be crying that he lost Shantel. He should be happy. If she’s as terrible as he says she is, then why is he so butthurt? He’s only doing all of this because he’s jealous she’s been hanging out with Nelly. I say let her be Nelly’s problem now. #shrugs

  10. Floyd all I know is you better win tonight! If you make me lose money tonight I’m done with you!

  11. Okay I am lost when did Floyd say he and Nelly were ever friends? He said he didn’t knw him really we’ll and that he supposedly had respect for him. I didn’t see that part where he said they were friends and I re-read some of that twice. Nelly needs to sit his a-s down somewhere……he is just loving the fact that this dude that has all this money and who is on top lost his bish and the bish is all up in Nelly face now

  12. I haven’t seen a relationship that’s televised last very long no way relationships normally work between two people not the damn world and I wish they take the sh-t off air cause they got these regular hoes tryna be just like them f-cking up a regular n-ggas game…lol

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