Floyd Mayweather Gets Even with Nelly

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we reported recently, Floyd Mayweather is not too happy that his on and off fiancée Shantel Jackson has decided to start kicking it with Nelly, but he’s decided to show the twosome that he too can do a little shady coupling himself and get even in the process.

According to VLAD TV, Floyd actually kicked it with Nelly’s ex-girlfriend Ashanti in Vegas:

The web is growing more tangled between Nelly and Floyd Mayweather, as the boxing champ had Nelly’s ex-girlfriend Ashanti sit front row at his fight against Marcos Maidana. The champ’s sister also revealed that the “Rock Wit U” singer was present at his mother’s house for a post-fight party.

And when he’s not kicking it with Ashanti, Floyd is counting all the money he made from his last fight in Instagram videos:

Spotted at Fameolous


  1. Don’t fret Floyd. When Shantel finds out Nelly can’t pay for her plastic surgery procedures she’ll be ringing your doorbell soon.

  2. Ashanti is so stupid she fell for Floyd and his antics.Floyd is clearly using her to get back at Nelly and Shantel and she fell for the bait. She is just a pawn in Floyd’s game. Wake up Ashanti!! Now I can see how she got played by Nelly all these years she’s an idiot.

    1. News flash u r the one talking shot from behind a computer he’s the one that’s undefeated just made 32 mill and has haters like j on his d-ck lol!!!!!

  3. Ashanti is like Mimi. he’s drawn to men who only intend to use her. Low self esteem is a b-tch.

  4. I doubt Nelly even cares. He’s never really cared about Ashanti. Any moment he could get the attention of another woman, he bounced and left her every single time.

  5. If you’re over your ex, why do all this petty stuff to get back at them? I think the best revenge is happiness and moving on. Maybe that’s just me though.

  6. Ashanti also just posted a photo of her “new: body too. The thirst with all these people is so real.

  7. I really wanted Ashanti to do better but I see that is never going to happen. She will always be stuck on Nelly. Smh.

  8. I don’t really see the big deal I mean Floyd is just doing the same thing Nelly and Shantel are doing to him. And Ashanti is on it because Nelly has dogged her for years. #shrugs

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