The-Dream Sends a Message to Ex Girlfriend Amid Abuse Allegations + Has New Girlfriend?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day music producer and songwriter The-Dream made headlines because his ex-girlfriend claimed he attacked her while she was pregnant, and although he denied the accusations, she sent photos of the bruises she allegedly received to TMZ.

The-Dream is responding on his Instagram account and he wrote a lengthy open letter to his ex and those who believe he assaulted her. He posted the following photo and writes in the caption:

the dream instagram open letter to ex

As my mother would say “you’ve taken my sweetness as a weakness” I feel sorry for whoever has to live without Love in their heart. Yet I might smile to keep from crying, that hurt isn’t caused by one thing or one person it’s caused by the others who choose to speak at me as if I am worthless. I gave my whole life to all of you through myself and others. I have sang you to sleep, I have sang at your weddings, I’ve empowered women through words and through others, on top of that my LOVE for the woman period is infinite, my only fear I carry is my Mother Reva M Nash looking down on me and being a shame of me. If I have no life outside of music it’s because I’ve given almost everything to you, I would give any and everyone the shirt off of my back. Retain the sympathy I picked this life so I am fine with the non sympathizing , I am blessed and I have seen things others can only dream of and I know I am fortunate. My mind and heart is clear and I will not retreat and I will not Kneel to the face of Injustice .When the light shines on these days in the near future I will welcome you all back with open arms so you can understand what love is. I’ve already forgiven you. #FreeDream #black #under-attack #CONSIDERTHESOURCE #LOYALTY #PROONYX



In related news, it appears that although The-Dream is having some kind of war brewing with his ex, he may have already moved on.

He posted what many believe is a photo of his new girlfriend to Instagram:

the dream new boo

He writes in the caption:

Sometimes if you stop looking so hard, the thing you’re looking for easily finds You. #OntheRun


  1. I really hope he’s not already in a new relationship. That’s his problem. He hops from relationship to relationship and it’s not healthy.

  2. I’m not sure why he’s doing all this on IG. If she lied (which I doubt she did), he needs to be working with his lawyer to sue her for slander. That is how you prove someone lied on you. This right here just makes him look guilty IMO.

    1. That’s what I want to know too. He doesn’t take any time to grieve a failed relationship. He just moves on to the next and his breakups get messier and messier each time.

  3. He probably cheated on his old girl for this new girl. That’s pretty much how he does things. He doesn’t just break up with people. He moves on to a whole new relationship first and you find out about it from the blogs, paps or someone else in the know. I’ll never forget that Christina Millian found out he was leaving her because it was on the blogs and he was hugged up with his ugly a-s assistant at the beach. He just told her he was going on a business trip. This man is cold.

  4. What did I tell y’all as soon as he gets the women pregnant he takes off and finds a new girl. It’s like once he gets the woman pregnant he isn’t interested anymore. This is the third time the hamburglar strikes. Now he is eyeing the next victim’s uterus.

    1. It really does seem like the number one turn off to him is women getting pregnant by him. He’s a weirdo and needs to reevaluate some things.

  5. I’d like to know what planet these women who keep entertaining this man come from because with the track record he has with women, I wouldn’t give him the time of day.

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