NeNe Leakes & Bravo Respond to Firing Rumors

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Did NeNe Leakes get fired from RHOA? It’s that time of the year when everyone is speculating on who will hold a peach next season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” And we told you we felt like producers were growing tired of NeNe’s behavior but now some folks are even claiming that she is on the chopping block.

A source tells Life & Style Magazine:

“He was pissed about the way that NeNe acted on the reunion this year, so much so that he might not ask her to come back.

“He thinks she has become a diva and was very irritated with her for not really answering his questions!

“She also acts like she doesn’t care or want to be on the show anymore.”


Gossip Cop was able to get in touch with Bravo and NeNe’s camp and both claim the report is false. Life & Style has even deleted the article from its website, a sign that the report was BS.

However, more rumors are swirling around claiming NeNe’s role will be reduced greatly next season and she won’t even hold a peach. But we honestly doubt NeNe would even agree to remain on the show in which her role has been demoted to simply a friend of the show. She’d walk away completely before she ever agrees to that, don’t you think?

Then of course some sites are reporting that NeNe removing RHOA from her Twitter account is a sure sign she’s not retuning, but NeNe actually removed RHOA from her Twitter account months ago.

However, NeNe tweeted the following in response to all the latest rumors, making us think it’s just tabloid speculation:

nene leakes twitter




Now we already told you that sources in Atlanta claim all the housewives will be returning next season. And NeNe pretty much said she expected everyone to return too in a recent interview.

Regardless, we’ll just have to wait and see what Bravo confirms soon.


  1. The day NeNe leaves the show is the day I stop watching. Yes, her attitude sucks right now but I don’t care, she makes me laugh. If I have to tolerate Kenya’s annoying antics then people need to tolerate NeNe.

  2. I doubt they are getting rid of NeNe. While I’m Team Twirl all day, I’m no fool. NeNe still brings a lot to the show. And the animosity between her and Kenya will bring in lots of viewers next season. It’s the feud everyone has been waiting on.

  3. If she’s out, I’m out. I’m already not really liking the show as it is. No NeNe, no Peachy. LOL.

  4. LMAO I know Andy is annoyed with NeNe but he ain’t stupid. He knows how the business works. Kenya cannot carry that show by herself. NeNe is a better villain than Kenya is. I doubt they will give her a pink slip.

  5. I was waiting on y’all to write on this. Honestly I don’t think Bravo is ready to get rid of Nene. Even during her refusal to answer questions at the reunion, she was still more entertaining than Kenya. At least for me. But we won’t really know until they start filming again. My money is on Nene returning though.

    1. Right? Nene had me laughing hard as hell with some of her facial expression. She’s a bish but she’s funny as hell I give her that.

  6. Whatever I don’t believe this. Those RHOA people can’t be that stupid. The day NeNe leaves RHOA its dead. Nobody out of any of the real housewives franchises have had the impact like NeNe. Love her hate her she makes the show.

  7. Please. NeNe doesn’t have to be respectful to Andy Cohen. He doesn’t care about her or anyone on that show. Ratings is the only thing they care about. And if they do fire NeNe, they will see a huge dip in ratings. She has that kind of polarizing effect on the show that just works. Either you love her or you hate her. Every reality show needs someone like that. Kenya can’t really fill her shoes.

  8. I don’t think they will get rid of NeNe. Or Kenya. Why? Both of them have an interesting way of getting a reaction from viewers. Bravo would be dumb to get rid of either of it’s two most polarizing people. That’s not happening.

  9. Nene should leave and let Kenya try to carry the show on her own. Then everyone can finally see that it’s not Kenya who brings in the ratings. Nene was the one who made the show as successful as it’s ALWAYS been. Kenya needs other people to play on to be interesting. Nene is just interesting in her own right.

  10. There are a few things in life that are certain. One is Kenya being delusional, the other is NeNe Leakes is RHOA. Facts are facts. Kenya can twirl all day long but she will never be the face of the franchise.

  11. I could tell by the reunion NeNe was over it. I can’t see them firing her but I can definitely see them phasing her out. Although she lost many fans, she has much to be proud of. She accomplished a great deal being on the show and she’s been able to do what a lot of other housewives haven’t.

    Hopefully the torch will be passed on to a deserving cast member.

  12. She will do one more season and pull a Kim by quitting mid season. I’m calling it now. You can tell NeNe is so over the show now and I can’t really blame her. Let Kenya have that tired a-s throne she wants so badly. It’s not like she has anything else. She can’t even get an unmarried man to date her.

  13. They aren’t going to take her peach away. It will be more subtle than that. Maybe another season of biased editing, forcing her to walk away on her own.

  14. This is what I think will happen. They will bring everyone back and close that chapter. Season eight will be all new faces. It’s time for the show to get a revamp. Then it will get cancelled. LOL.

  15. I think NeNe’s new attitude is really a coverup for how unhappy she is with how much the show has changed. Think about it. These women are now pushed to not even try to get along anymore. Every time they get together, Kenya is the head of the event and she’s causing chaos. The only real friendship left on the show is Kandi and Phaedra. And the reunions are just bloodbaths now. It’s too much. I can even see it starting to wear down on Kenya. All of them should unite and tell these producers to kiss their a-ses.They need to be bring back the funny and lighter element to the show where we saw everyone laughing and being friendly to each other. I miss that.

  16. I think she should do one more season and get all her ducks in a row (businesses/acting gigs) and leave after season seven. This show is going downhill and being on it isn’t a good look for anyone.

  17. Eh, I don’t see Bravo ever firing NeNe. She just brings something to the show that no one else has so far. Yeah she lost some fans, but she hasn’t lost her polarizing effect on people. She’s like another Omarosa. Reality TV gold. She will leave on her own terms.

  18. RHOA just wrapped up its most watched season ever. The smart thing to do would be to bring everyone back for season 7. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  19. I doubt that they fired her, in fact, I’m going to say they didn’t. Yeah, Andy may be annoyed but he has annoyed a lot of people this season himself. I do believe like others that she may leave on her terms after this season. The rest even KENYA is not strong enough to keep it going like it is now. However, fired, NO!

  20. The whole damn show needs to take a hike.
    Andy Ohen is the biggest PIMP ever.

    What he cant get a lack Woman to do for a dollar:
    1. Disrespect yourself, your family ie Moma Joyce
    2. Fight on que – Just like Hookers on the Corner
    3. Trying to keep up with “The Joneses”. – RHOA Husband commits crime to keep IMAGE intact.
    4. What happened to the original premise of Business Women? – Now all we have is CAT FIGHTS and “Reads”
    5. Physical Fights? Who still does this? Only on TV. When Andy tells them too.

    This show is shameful! made black women look bad. All around the world.
    Why do we all have to be protrayed as evil, mean bithches

  21. NeNe was so annoying and unlikeable this season. But with that being said, she still brings something to the show that has been unmatched. Even Kenya can’t replace her. So I doubt Bravo will let her go.

  22. I know I won’t be watching if NeNe gets fired. She hasn’t been my favorite this season but she still makes me laugh. And as dark as the show has gotten, there needs to be someone on there to make you laugh. I’m really tired of all the cattiness too.

  23. “Then of course some sites are reporting that NeNe removing RHOA from her Twitter account is a sure sign she’s not retuning, but NeNe actually removed RHOA from her Twitter account months ago.” Ugh THANK YOU! People keep bringing this up but NeNe actually been took RHOA off her Twitter profile. She took it off after the Pillow Talk episode. I won’t believe NeNe is gone until Bravo says so!

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