Watch: Solange Attacks Jay Z in the Elevator

Photo Credit: Robin Harper/Beyonce/Tumblr
Photo Credit: Robin Harper/Beyonce/Tumblr

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce and Jay Z just celebrated yet another year of marriage, but it appears some real drama could be brewing between them and Solange.

TMZ obtained footage of what appears to be Solange attacking Jay Z in the elevator at the Met Gala event.

While we’re not sure what happened to cause the rift, Solange came in the elevator seconds after Bey and Jay walked in and got in his face. She then starts hitting him and kicking him as a bodyguard tries to hold her back.

Beyonce gets in between them and appears to be trying to shove Solange’s foot away.

Check out the video below:

Update: Apparently an extended version has been released. Check out Solange getting even more licks in with her purse.


    1. Right??? Folks been coming for Jay and Bey forever, now Solange might just provide the “in” they’ve been looking for. SMH!!!

    1. Couldn’t she have been unaware of the camera in the elevator? I don’t think she meant to let family business out like it is now.

  1. I don’t know what happened but Solange looks very childish for going off like that. That was not the time and place for any of that. She just put a whole bunch of eyes on her sister’s marriage now (like there weren’t already many to begin with). Dumb move.

  2. It had to be something big for her to come in there and hit on him like that. Regardless Bey and Jay remained very calm because they understand it’s important to never give the media what they want. Solange has a lot to learn about the business. I can now see why her career never really worked out.

  3. I’m sorry but everyone acted like this is typical behavior from Solange. I’m starting to believe the tea on her being bipolar….

  4. Everyone goes through something in life. Beyonce is no exception. I hope whatever it is she gets through it. Something is definitely up.

  5. In the words of Phaedra “fix it Jesus”…but i still wanna know what set they baby off like that tho

  6. This is normal behavior for Solange. If you pay attention closely, Bey and Jay were both bracing themselves for her to react. Even Julius behaved as if he’s had to do this before.

  7. Solange did cancel an European Tour over “Mental Health” issues in 2013. Bey & Jay know their sis and thus they reacted the way they did towards her when she flew off the handle.

  8. I bet he wanted to beat the sh-t out of Solange. Good thing he didn’t. In this country it’s totally acceptable for a woman to hit a man. But the other way around is when it’s a problem.

  9. Solange needs to grow the f-ck up. Whatever is going on in that marriage she just made it ten times worse because now the whole world knows. Smh. Sometimes your own family can f-ck you up.

    1. Oh sit down! She never said she was perfect. There is a huge difference between being private and being perfect. Have a seat.

    2. Did Beyonce ever say she was perfect? No she didn’t. But she is private. Something more people should be. Y’all want everyone to get on Facebook, Twitter and IG and put all their business on blast so you can sit back and judge and feel better about your own miserable lives. It ain’t Bey’s job to make you feel better about your sad life. Her only job is to entertain and she does a great job at that. Now have a seat.

  10. Apparently they got in different cars after that too – Bey & Solo – Jay by himself. Interesting.

  11. Well Solo has always said that she is very protective of Bey and will stand up for her if anyone harms her, so I’m thinking something is really going on and it’s serious. I just hope everything works out for the best with all parties involved.

  12. You never know what’s going on in a person’s life. All we can do is take what they choose to share. And I don’t blame Bey for being so private because all the public and media wants is to tear you down. Why give them the ammunition?

  13. This is crazy. I still can’t even believe this really happened. I know Bey is pissed the tape got out. Her PR team has a big mess to clean up.

  14. This makes all of them look bad. Solange for attacking, Jay for probably doing something to deserve the attack, and Bey for just kind of sitting there like a robot letting it go on. I hate to see black celebs go through this but it happens. No family is perfect. We all have some drama going on in our lives. Every single one of us.

      1. Bey got between AND protected Jay… Let’s just wait until details emerge before judgement is rushed to.

    1. Yo did you watch the same video we did or nah? Even UB clearly says that Bey tried to protect Jay. Y’all gotta stop rewriting what happened. lol

  15. Is Beyonce pregnant? That’s the only reason I can understand why she would pretty much stand there and not get involved until the very end.

  16. If Jay is such a horrible person, why was Solange just laughing it up with him a few weeks ago at Coachella?

  17. I don’t get the people who are complaining and saying Beyonce should have jumped in. Why? If she did, she would be getting called all kinds of ghetto by the media. Her image would be ruined and she’d be called out for not being a good remodel and blah blah blah. She did the smart thing by letting her bodyguard handle it. More black celebs need to learn that acing like a hood rat has no real benefits.

  18. Damn man what the hell happened? Did he cheat or something? Either way there’s a time and place for everything and most elevators have cameras in them for security reasons.

  19. And this is why Bey is so private. Too many people sitting and wishing for her downfall and misery. Well marriage is hard and family can be crazy. Keep your head up Bey.

  20. I won’t pretend to know what’s going on but this won’t ruin Bey. Her haters thought the whole lip sync thing would ruin her, but she is still standing. They thought her album would flop, well she’s sold about 2 mil in the USA with no real promotion. They said the XO thing would ruin her, but it didn’t. Then the Grammy’s performance…well Drunk in Love became a hit. So I’m not sure when they will understand that she’s here to stay.

  21. You have to hand it to Bey for keeping her cool. I don’t know if I could have done the same. Solange was way out of line. There’s a better way to handle anger than attacking your brother in law in the elevator at a A list event.

  22. I’d do the same thing for my big sis in a minute if her man did something foul. So I don’t know what happened, but I hope they all work it out.

  23. This just made me admire Beyonce even more. First she had to deal with her father’s baby momma’s failed attempts to tarnish her image and now the out of control sister. Such a lady for keeping her cool.

  24. I’d happily take a Solange as my sis. No matter what they will ride or die with you like true blood is supposed to do.

  25. Bey and Jay handled this the way they should of…intelligently. They have more to lose than Solange does. They are taking care of too many family members to let one family member ruin everything.

  26. It’s possible Solange has a history of this kind of behavior and Bey/Jay are used to it. They remained calm and let the bodyguard handle it. That was the best thing to do because the media would have torn Bey to shreds if she fought her sister or put her hands on Jay as well.

  27. I see why she is so private. Beyonce’s job is to entertain you with her music, not her marriage. I know celebrities have to expect this but even if her camp gave full blown details about what happened haters will never be satisfied. The stories they are coming up with are ridiculous at this point smh.

  28. WTF I thought this was just a joke! Solange was serious! Man I hope everything is ok in Bey’s marriage!

  29. These embellished fan fiction stories are hilarious an quite telling of how thirsty people are to see Bey and Jay fell. How the hell does anyone come to the conclusion that Jay hits Bey from a 3 minute black and white video that has no audio? People are ridiculous.

  30. Well if anyone has seen Solo’s tweet regarding Jay hitting Bey then that may possibly explain her reaction, but who knows. Regardless of status, EVERYONE goes thru some form of drama in life and these celebs are no exception no matter how much we may love them. No one knows what happened but of course people are going to speculate, bash, and whatever.

    1. It’s already been determined that tweet is fake. It doesn’t take much to Photoshop a tweet. Solange has not tweeted since 7am this morning and she did not tweet anything about Jay abusing Bey. Plus she doesn’t even write like that. She doesn’t talk like a hoodrat, nor tweet like a hoodrat. It’s getting to the point that people are slandering this couple. Not cool.

  31. I watched the vid and it’s obvious something happened but what nobody can say but I clearly saw Solo going in on both Jay and Bey at one point then toward the end Bey says something to Jay and he says something to her clearly in a frustrated manner. This could be about anything, the point is no one knows for sure as there is no sound. Of course die hard Beyonce fans are going to defend and others are going to jump to conclusions and form their own opinions. As someone stated earlier, everybody has problems in their marriage whether it Jay-Z and Beyonc√© or the average couple down the street. Sh*t happens people all we can do is pray everything is ok and if there’s something serious going on that it get better.

  32. Y’all we will never know what really happened here. And maybe we shouldn’t. It’s not our business.

  33. Now if Jay Z would have hit her back, people wouldn’t be laughing. The double standards are real.

  34. I think people are overreacting. Do you know how many people can’t stand their in-laws? I’d love to slap the sh-t out of some of mine but I haven’t yet because I’m not trying to cause drama. Solange did what a lot of people think about doing but don’t because we know the consequences aren’t worth it. And it’s not always over something as deep as abuse or cheating. Sometimes family just doesn’t get along. Jay handled it well.

  35. I’m just disgusted that people thought this was funny. I watched both videos and haven’t laughed at all. It’s totally wrong for grown people to hit one another. Now if Jay Z would have defended himself and swung on her, there would have been an uproar. But because Solange was the one doing the punching, it’s now a big joke to everyone. It’s so disturbing how people think it’s ok for a woman to be abusive to a man, but not the other way around. And the nerve of some people asking what did Jay do to DESERVE being assaulted when he didn’t hit her at all. And the nerve of people to ASSUME Jay is the abusive one when we have video evidence of Solange doing the abuse. She should have been arrested for what she did. She needs help.

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