Groupie Puts T.I. on Blast?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

T.I. groupie puts rapper on blast? For months we’ve been hearing whispers about T.I. allegedly stepping out on his wife Tiny, and it was even rumored that the rapper had a baby outside of the marriage and allegedly moved in with another woman.

Tiny denied the reports and said she had no plans to divorce T.I. even though they were having some issues. However, T.I. seemingly confirmed the gossip in a recent song released a week ago.

But now a woman is putting the rapper on blast and claims on Facebook that the rapper spent Mother’s Day night with her and even cooked her dinner.

The Shade Room obtained screenshots of what the woman who calls herself “Lexyy” claims is receipts:

t.i. groupie

We can’t confirm this woman is telling the truth, so we’re labeling this as gossip for now.


  1. I believe it. It’s not like TI ever had the reputation of being a faithful husband. Oh well. These rappers are a mess.

  2. Well if this is true, it’s not like Tiny will leave him. I think he’s been doing this stuff for a very long time and no longer cares to keep it secret.

  3. I din’t understand this. If he wanted to be able to sleep around with groupies, why did he ever get married in the first place?

  4. What does she want? A cookie? I don’t understand why all the side chicks feel like they need attention now. Shut up and be the whore you signed up to be in silent. Who cares…

  5. Times like this I’m glad I am single. It’s so obvious a lot of women are only married just to say they have a husband. They aren’t happy and they are being cheated on. What a terrible way to live.

  6. I am so sick of this. When is it going to stop. What exactly does she think she accomplished by blasting T.I. Like, what kind of validation do you get from a claiming a few hours with a married man.

  7. Its true, this is a friends ex, am friends with her on facebook and saw the original post she made…. So sad T.I.P. Could do so much better

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