Nicki Minaj Puts Her Man in Check

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj made headlines yesterday when she declared she was a single woman on her Instagram account, and the admission came just weeks after it was rumored that she and her beau Safaree Samuels got engaged in Cancun.

But now Nicki’s rep tells TMZ that their most recent “breakup” was brief and they are now back together. In fact, Nicki’s post was more so just a tactic to put Safaree in check:

Conspiracy theorists also dug up a photo of fiancé Safaree Samuels’ Instagram with the caption, “Trust nobody.”

But TMZ has learned Minaj and Samuels just had a small dispute (like all couples) … and the pic was definitely intended to piss him off — but we’re told everything between them is fine now.


  1. I always felt like if you have to play these kind of games with you s/o the relationship may not be worth it.

    1. Or both people may just be very immature and need to grow up. That’s what I think the case is here.

  2. My goodness these two have to be the most confusing couple ever. Nicki won’t claim him. They break up every other week and now I’m hearing they may already be married. LOL.

  3. Very childish. I love Nicki but you shouldn’t have to do all this to send your man a message. Some women play too many mind games.

  4. I’ma need them to get it together before they get married. You can’t be breaking up on Instagram every month when you’re married. IJS. (Barbee, don’t come for me boo lol).

  5. I really don’t understand this. So you just say you’re single to get your man to act right? How childish.

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