Rachel Roy Confirms Solange/Jay Z/Beyonce Tea?

Photo Credit: Robin Harper/Beyonce/Tumblr
Photo Credit: Robin Harper/Beyonce/Tumblr

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you yesterday that we thought out of all the rumors floating around regarding just why Solange attacked Jay Z so viciously in an elevator, the Rachel Roy angle seems the most plausible.

As we reported recently, it’s been confirmed by multiple sources that Solange yelled at Damon Dash’s ex-wife at the Met Gala before she went off on Jay Z, and some sources are claiming Solange is angry with both because she feels they have an inappropriate friendship.

Body language experts are even claiming that Beyonce’s treatment of the situation in the video looks as if she kind of approved Solange’s behavior and it was also confirmed that Bey and Solange left the event in a car together while Jay Z left alone in another car.

Interestingly enough, the media has been labeling Rachel Roy as a good friend to Kim Kardashian and the fashion designer must be enjoying all the press she’s been getting in the last two days because she took to Twitter yesterday and tweeted Jay Z lyrics while promoting her fashion line:

rachel roy twitter




Keep in mind “The Beach Is Better” is a song from “Magna Carta Holy Grail.” Could this be a subtle jab at Beyonce and a confirmation that the tea is right? When many of Beyonce’s fans and media outlets began to call her out, she then tried to deny she was being messy:

rachel roy twitter 2

The timing of the initial tweet makes Rachel’s denial hard to take seriously.

And as a bonus, Damon Dash’s recent jab at Jay Z on his Instagram account and praise for Solange also makes the gossip seem even more plausible. He posted this hours after the elevator footage began to spread like wildfire:

dame dash instagram


    1. Now why would they need to pull a stunt when tickets are selling fast and people are dying to see them perform? Even all this drama won’t change that.

  1. That heifer knew what she was tweeting. She’s a friend of Kim, enough said. Jay is an idiot for messing up his marriage for Dame’s damaged goods and Kim’s slut buddy.

  2. Rachel has always been low-key messy. She was also Jay’s former “intern” too before the fashion thing happened for her. They have probably been messing around.

    1. Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out soon they they have had an affair for years. Damn shame.

  3. I guess she thinks people are stupid. That tweet was very obvious. I bet she was really disrespectful when Solange confronted her too. Some women have no shame. Smh.

    1. Truth be told I’m sure she’s who Solange really wanted to Chun Li. She was actually friends with Rachel at one point. So this is disrespectful on so many levels.

    1. But people swore up and down she was bipolar and she’s this nut job that needs to apologize, ok then!

  4. Unfortunately a lot of men cheat. Even being Beyonce doesn’t help. I hope she does what she feels is best for her and Blue. I’m still a fan.

  5. I can’t stand when folks try to be messy on Twitter and then pretend they weren’t when they get called out. Stand by your shade Rachel. Smh.

    1. Exactly. She tweeted what she did because she wanted to throw passive shade. But Bey had on an Aaliyah shirt recently so maybe she was trying to be shady too since Dame dumped Rachel for Aaliyah and only went back to Rachel because Aaliyah died.

  6. Bey needs to leave Jay’s shady a-s. Let someone else be Mrs. Carter because it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it to me.

  7. It’s pathetic that Jay Z and Dame are still sharing women after all these years. Bey needs to get out while she can. After the tour ends and she collects her half, she needs to file for divorce. He’s full of sh-t.

  8. UB I think you guys are on to something because this seems to be the same theory Wendy Williams believes and she usually does have the tea.

  9. If Jayonce splits, I can see Bey’s career becoming even better. She’ll even end up with a famous and handsome man and Jay Z will become the biggest loser ever. I can see it now.

    1. true, and he should try going with her and see how fast he would end up broke and bankrupt like damon dash, its damon dash’s money why she even has a fashion line out and she dumped him as soon as the money train stopped. now she wants to move on beyoune’s man huh? who the hell does she think she is that 90s whore needs to go take plenty seats

  10. I’m still hoping this isn’t true but it is really starting to seem that way. It’s a shame how some people don’t respect marriage.

  11. I’ve always wondered if Jay Z sees his marriage to Beyonce more so as a business deal while she seems to really be in love with him. I think Jay has only loved money. Nothing else. Being with Beyonce has certainly made him a lot of money.

  12. Rachel’s line is flopping. Kim/Kris probably told her to tweet the Jay Z song so she can get some publicity and save her struggling fashion line. Rachel is not about that life. She was most likely scared as hell when Solange went off on her punk a-s.

  13. Solange probably read this tweet and called Rachel for a day and time to serve her a good a-s whooping.

  14. No wonder her fashion empire is flopping.. What celebrity is actually wearing Rachel Roy these days? Her own best friend Kim K doesn’t even wear it. Was she looking at Jay to cut her a check?

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