NeNe Leakes Gets the Last Laugh?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rumors have been spreading like wildfire suggesting NeNe Leakes was fired from RHOA and many sources claimed it was because she had gotten on Andy Cohen’s bad side. However, Bravo shut that report down in no time but days later NeNe tweeted what appeared to be a hint that she was walking away from the hit reality show.

NeNe appeared at the Bravo 2014 up fronts the other day and that is a pretty good indication that the network is not done with her yet.

The upfronts is usually where the network invites all the biggest stars from all of their shows to attract advertisers. As far as RHOA is concerned, only NeNe and Kandi Burruss were invited.

Of course NeNe wanted to rub that in the face of all her critics on her Instagram account:

nene leakes instagram

nene leakes instagram 2 copy

nene leakes instagram 3

Bravo still hasn’t officially confirmed who is returning for season seven, but it appears NeNe Leakes might be safe and word has it she may have even gotten a raise too.


  1. She better be coming back. I won’t watch without her. She’s the OG and can’t be replaced.

  2. I really thought Andy would fire her over the whole queen comments but I guess not. Maybe she has more pull than I thought. Smh.

    1. I don’t know if it’s pull more so than the fact that NeNe is the kind of person people love to hate and will watch despite how they feel about her. She brings in the ratings. You can expect her and Kenya to return next season for that reason alone. A lot of people don’t like either, but they draw in viewers. Andy only cares about the ratings. Business is business.

  3. I really want Porsha back too. I think everyone should come back and chapters need to be closed before any of them are fired. Too much went down last season.

      1. I think all of them will be coming back. They know the cast works and the ratings show that. The rumors are all out there to get publicity strong for next season.

        1. I really think porsha is coming back she did an interview on the radio and she spoke of her storyline….so let’s see.

  4. I think she’s over the show but is only coming back to get on the nerves of her haters. At this point she’s coming back to prove a point and that is she is still the queen. Very childish in my book.

    1. Please fire Ms. Throwrocksandhidesherhands. But they won’t because she just buddied up to Ms. RatchetUSA to be safe. I wish they would both disappear

  5. They need to keep NeNe. She’s one of the only reasons those of us who have been watching since season one are still watching. The show has changed so much it’s unbearable at times. I hope next season isn’t as dark as season six was. It was too negative.

  6. I told y’all. NeNe is no dummy. She put out the quitting lies herself and put out that tweet to get her fans all riled up so she can demand a raise and actually get it. She may have terrible grammar (bridesmaid), but she knows how to play the reality game better than anyone else besides Kim K. She’s street smart.

  7. I don’t think her job was ever in jeopardy. Andy tweeted that he hasn’t seen any site get it right with who is coming back next season. And when someone asked him why they fired Porsha he said who’s fired? That makes me think everyone is coming back.

  8. Love NeNe but I would like to see her bring it down several notches. I’m not featuring any more of this Queen B nonsense; it’s quite clear who the anchor of RHOA is so enjoy yourself and stay out of the drama. I would love to see more maturity from all of them instead of the constant back and forth. I find myself more entertained by R&B Divas and Married to Medicine because the ladies have more going on than drama.

    As for Kenya………..nothing.

  9. Betcha Kenya ran home to change clothes and take a picture outside the Upfronts so she can claim she’d been invited.

  10. As arrogant as she can be at times, I’m glad NeNe is doing another season. I’d actually like to see everyone but Kenya return. However, they’ll probably have to have her come back if they allow Porsha to still hold a peach. Don’t know if any of you watch RHONY, but Ramona busted another cast member in the face with a glass and drew blood, yet I haven’t heard any rumors of a firing and nary one petition has been circulated about violence on that franchise. All that to say that it’s highly doubtful that Bravo will send Porsha packing as the hypocrisy would be too glaring (as if it isn’t already with the NJ cast).

  11. I like Ne-Ne on RHOA, she can be mean; however, she is very direct. I have found in life that many people don’t understand and like for others to be direct with them. Now we live in a sugar-coated world. I hope Bravo keeps Ne-Ne on the show or give her a show entitled Ne-Ne and Comoany, that way she can bring in whoever she likes. I wish she and Kandi got along better but Kandi can be a little messy herself. She shouldn’t become offended when others are speaking on her mom’s bad behavior, Mama Joyce is a character and Kandu needs to take that up with her mom. I am Team Ne-Ne all the way!!

  12. Nene is smart. How much y’all wanna bet she’s the one putting out these fake stories about her being fired and being demoted so she can get a raise and more demands met? I’ve noticed every season these same rumors about Nene come out and she always comes back even more cocky and more paid. She knows what she’s doing.

  13. Of course Nene is coming back to the show, she doesn’t have anything else going on but that. And I didn’t believe the whole “Queen” drama anyway with her and Andy. Why would he be so offended by that term when they have a show on Bravo called “Fashion Queens”!

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