Watch: Beyonce & Jay Z Release Star Studded ‘On The Run’ Tour Trailer + SNL Spoofs ElevatorGate

New photo of Beyonce & Solange post ElevatorGate Photo Credit: Instagram
New photo of Beyonce & Solange post ElevatorGate
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Since Solange’s attack of Jay Z in the elevator at the Met Gala has become international news, we knew it was only a matter of time before “Saturday Night Live” spoofed the scandal.

In the spoof, Solange and Jay Z unite in what appears to be a PR navigated sit-down and they explain that they are now back on good terms.

They even hilariously play audio from the elevator attack and the audio was edited to make it appear the whole ordeal was over Solange trying her hardest to take down a spider she spotted in the elevator.

Maya Rudolph returns to the show as Beyonce and she’s pretty hilarious.

Check out the clip below:



In related news, Jay Z and Beyonce also released a star-studded trailer for their upcoming “On The Run” tour last night. It appears we were right about those photos of the couple riding a motorcycle being used for tour promos.

The theme is action adventure and the video plays like an actual movie trailer.

The trailer includes cameos from Sean Penn, Blake Lively, Don Cheadle and more. Check it out below:


  1. I don’t like how they are trying to make Solange seem crazy and violent. She’s not some angry black woman. She took up for her sister like most little sisters do. Smh.

  2. The SNL spoof was funny. Love the trailer. For some reason I think all of this drama is going to make the tour even more successful. We do live in a crazy society that eats this dysfunction up.

    1. Yeah even with something so negative, it only seems to help this couple. Some media outlets were even saying now Bey and Jay seem more human. They now like them more. Smh.

  3. Maya Randolph cracks me up with her Beyonce impression lol. RUN gave me everything. Beyonce and Jay are smart like their tour wasn’t hype enough now it’s even more hype. Now can we all forget this elevator fiasco. Who wants that perfect love story anyway!!!!! Love these two!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Basically it’s back to the regularly scheduled program. I can’t wait to see them live. Me and my cousin are so hype!

  5. If folks don’t start to figure out this whole thing was nothing but a planned publicity stunt to promote their tour I’m going to lose faith in all humanity. It’s so obvious. I bet Solange wasn’t even really mad. Just an act. All of them. Smh.

    1. But how do you explain Rachel Roy though? Serious question. I’m just interested in your take in all of this. You’re not the first one to say this was all just one big stunt to help them look more human and get more publicity for the tour.

      1. Hey girl. Well I think they put out fake stories and Rachel stood to benefit from the press because she as a line to promote. She and Solange were like BFFs like a year ago and there’s no record of them falling out until the elevator situation. I don’t think they are beefing at all. I think they are all in on it. People will be surprised to learn what some celebs do to get some publicity for a project. The media thrives off drama. Beyonce has been too clean all these years. This helps her seem more normal and relatable.

        1. I can’t say I agree, but I’m in PR and I just like to hear different theories. Very interesting.

    2. Nah. This doesn’t make sense though. The tickets were selling out in minutes. They didn’t need press for the tour. I do agree that the negative press helps them in the long run but saying this was a whole stunt and staged? I think that’s a reach.

  6. My fave is still on top. I know these haters are disappointed. They thought this would break her. The BeyHive is loving all this publicity! LOL.

  7. Well the whole situation made international news, CNN did a special on it, the many theories have been reported, and now SNL has spoofed it. I think it’s now time to move on. I think we have ran this story into the ground. Lol!

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