T.I. Responds to Reports of Spending Mother’s Day with Another Woman

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last week we told you a young woman got on Facebook and told her followers that she spent Mother’s Day evening with rapper T.I. She even went as far as to claim that the Atlanta superstar cooked her dinner and she posted photos of the both of them having conversation and eating together.

She didn’t seem to mind that most took her social media sharing as a sign that she was having an inappropriate¬†relationship with T.I.

However, T.I. and the young woman have reached out to TMZ and they claim their time together was harmless.

TMZ reports:

Alexis Lacey posted a photo online of herself in T.I.’s house last weekend which led people to believe she was a side piece. It didn’t help that all the photos T.I.’s wife, Tiny posted that day did not include him.

T.I. tells us he didn’t lay a hand on the woman … he had never seen her before that day … and he has not seen her since.

We also spoke to Lacey (who also goes by Lexxy) and she says she was at T.I.’s house with a friend and NOTHING happened between them.


  1. The real question is why was he even with her on Mother’s Day? That lets me know his marriage is in trouble.

    1. Agreed. And from the pictures Tiny shared, he didn’t spend any time with her on Mother’s Day. I do think they are separated but they don’t want to tell the public yet because they feel it will hurt their reality show.

      1. This. They have to be separated. If they weren’t, he would have spent Mother’s Day with Tiny.

  2. I guess they think we were born yesterday. And I can’t stand THOTs that can’t stand behind their messiness. She knew what she was doing when she posted those pictures on Facebook. She wanted people to think she was f-cking Tip. Now that the story blew up and she’s getting dragged, she wants to switch up her story. Girl sit your trifling a-s down!

  3. Now they look even more guilty. So you’re a married man, but you decided to spend Mother’s Day with a groupie and her friends. And she posted a picture of a plane ticket like he paid for it. He shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

  4. Damage control. Until he can explain why he was with her on Mother’s Day then I’m not really trying to hear an excuse. TI is acting like he’s a single man and it’s wrong. And if they are still faking the funk for their reality show, they are frauds. Just tell us you’re separated and call it a day.

  5. Yeah this is a weak response. Why was he there? I liked him and Tiny together but now I’m starting to think they really are over. Sad.

  6. Damage control and weak damage control at that. He still hasn’t explained why he was there in the first place on that day. He should have been with his wife and kids.

  7. Well he has to deny it. In fact, he has to get all his jumpoffs to deny, deny, deny because he has to promote his family oriented reality show. If he admitted the obvious, the show would suffer.

  8. So he invites a light skin THOT to his THOT house (which he bought just to entertain his side chicks) and he didn’t smash? BS.

  9. Tiny needs to slap the ish out of TI. In fact, she needs to Solange his a-s. He does not respect her and never did. He should have had his little a-s at home with his wife and kids on Mother’s Day. When his kids grow up and read about how he did their mom, they will resent him.

  10. TI is slipping up big time. He’s about to lose the one woman who really has had his back through everything for hoes that won’t be around when the money gets low. Not smart my dude.

  11. They are clearly separated the girl said his house, which would not be Tiny and his house they share together. So the rumors are true about him buying a place in the city.

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