Listen: Destiny’s Child Reunites + Nicki Minaj Raps About Heartbreak

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Yesterday the internet went crazy when new music from Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland and Beyonce made rounds on social media, and Nicki Minaj also surprised her barbies with a new track too.

In Nicki’s new track which is entitled “Pills N Potions,” the female rapper sings and raps about heartbreak as she reassures her ex that she still loves him despite the bad decisions he made when they were in a relationship, while also rapping about how exes always want you back when they see you’re doing good without them.

nicki minaj pills n potions cover

Listen to the track below:


In more music news, Destiny’s Child reunited (kind of) for a club/gospel banger for Michelle Williams. The track is entitled “Say Yes.” Kelly Rowland and Beyonce make an appearance on the song.

“When Jesus says yes, no one can say no. “

Check out the track below:

Word has it Beyonce was spotted filming for the music video recently.


  1. I think Nicki was trying to go for another Your Love. It’s not bad but not all that great either. Michelle’s song has some potential. If the video is hot, I can see it doing well on the charts.

    1. Yeah, so now they’re on to the whole “well she can’t sing about Jesus because she was singing about having sex with her husband” theory as if that even makes any sense. Since when is sexing your spouse a sin? LOL!

    2. It was a weak theory to begin with. But if Beyonce didn’t have people who hated her guts and make up rumors about her, then she is doing something wrong. She’s supposed to have haters.

  2. So I guess Michelle didn’t fall off after all. Wonder what the naysayers are gonna do now?

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