Confirmed: T.I. & Tiny Are Separated

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Are T.I. and Tiny separated? With all the speculation surrounding their marriage for months now, it’s no wonder why so many people are starting to think T.I. and Tiny Harris may be separated. In fact, T.I.’s recent purchase of a new home in Buckhead did appear to hint that the couple is now living apart. And perhaps that it explains best why the rapper spent Mother’s Day with another woman.

Floyd Mayweather recently shot down accusations that he’s been messing around with Tiny but in the process he low-key confirmed that they are currently separated. After making it clear that he’s just a good friend of Tiny’s, he tells Necole B*tchie:

“Tiny is married. I respect that. I don’t care if y’all separated, she’s still married under God’s eyes and the law. I’m not going to sleep with a married woman. I’m not going to do that. Like I said on All Access, I’m becoming a better person.”


  1. Yeah I think all of us have come to the conclusion they are separated. It was inevitable. Tiny is clearly tired of his cheating and I don’t think he wants to give up other women. It’s sad but some people really are not cut out for marriage.

  2. My thing is did Tiny not know TI was a cheater before they got married? If she knew he had issue with sleeping with other women, I hope she didn’t think marriage would change that because it doesn’t.

    1. TI has always cheated on Tiny. I think he only married her because he felt she’s the only woman he could trust since she was with him before the fame. But he’s never really been monogamous with her. Maybe she’s tired of it now because she really did think at some point he would change, especially since they have the reality show and they want to be the modern Huxtable family.

  3. I was hoping they would be one of the few to escape it, but the “Reality Curse” strikes again. Moral of the day: if you want to stay that way, don’t put your marriage on tv.

  4. And another marriage bites the dust. I wish people would stop opening up their marriages for a reality show. It never ends well. Never.

  5. I don’t get the point of separations if someone is already seeing other people. Why not just divorce?

  6. So she used Floyd to make TI jealous and TI fell for it. Why did he cut up so bad when they are separated? He must be regretting moving out now.

  7. Well I hope they do work it out and T.I. realizes that Tiny deserves his loyalty because she’s given him hers for many years.

  8. TI is selfish as hell. He wants a ride or die chick but he ain’t riding for Tiny not one bit. He needs to stop messing with the THOTs and give his wife and kids some respect.

  9. I knew what time it was when I heard he bought that house. It’s over man, they won’t divorce until they a announce the last season of their reality show.

  10. I wonder how long they have been separated. I feel some kind of way about them separating and trying to keep it quiet for the sake of their reality show.

  11. Welp, no better time than the present for Tiny to move forward and find happiness with someone who will “ride or die” for her.

  12. They just need to go ahead and get that divorce. TI been over the marriage. It’s not going to get any better.

  13. Sad for them. I thought they were a good couple. Unfortunately, those issues were there long before these two ended up on their own reality show.

  14. he just too damn jealous and childish for wtf n-gga you always on some shady sh-t involving another b-tch…but he’d be damned if tiny even think about doing him as he does her lol.

  15. i think she is really getting tired of his bullsh-t as she should have been a long time ago.but every woman has her point….

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