Nelly Gets Messy

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

When news spread of Floyd Mayweather and T.I.’s physical confrontation in Las Vegas, everyone had something to say about the situation on social media.

But it’s no surprise to us that rapper Nelly delighted in knowing that someone actually stepped to the undefeated boxer.

If you recall, Nelly and Floyd Mayweather got into it on social media over Floyd’s ex fiancée Shantel Jackson. Apparently Floyd was a bit salty that Shantel was spending so much time with Nelly.

Nelly made it clear whose team he’s on when it comes to the controversy:

nelly instagram


    1. Lol why should they? He didn’t even want to fight Pacquiao. It doesn’t matter how many wins he gets, that hurt his legacy and reputation with a lot of people.

  1. The thing I respect about TI is he didn’t do none of this social media sh-t. He went right up to Floyd and told him how it was, and then swung on him. Nelly is still playing these little Instagram shade games.

  2. Everybody keep in mind that Nelly hasn’t had a hit record in 10 years!! But has time to be a messy marvin. People under 21 don’t know why Nelly is famous. Priorities boo.

  3. Someone tell this little troll to sit down because he’s not going to do what TI did and swing on Mayweather. Lol.

  4. Have a stadium of seats Nelly. TI weighs like 110 soaking wet and swung on Floyd with no hesitation. All Nelly does is post IG pics. Please don’t even go there.

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