LHHATL Star Shay Johnson Heading to Jail?

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Shay Johnson fight video may send her in jail? Since Shay Johnson ended her on and off romance with close friend Lil Scrappy, she’s pretty much been a non-factor in the current season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” However, the reality star has been making headlines regardless as of late because of a video going viral of her hitting a woman upside the head with a bottle at a nightclub.

Now it’s being said that Shay may be heading to jail for the violent attack.

Blogger Fameolous claims the victim is actually a friend of Joseline Hernandez.

The Jasmine Brand reports:

It appears that a Love & Hip Hop Atlanta regular may be in trouble with the law. Reportedly, Atlanta police are investigating an incident involving an altercation that took place between Shay Johnson and a club goer.

The incident took place in February, at Sleazy & Zino, a club owned by LHHA’s Stevie J and Benzino. From what we see from the video, a young lady and Shay began arguing. It appears that Shay picked up a bottle, hitting the woman. A scuffle breaks out and is quickly broken up.


If you haven’t checked out the violent video, here it is below:

Interestingly enough, the woman who reportedly dropped a dime on Shay isn’t the victim. A woman who labels herself as an upcoming singer writes that she decided to contact the Atlanta Police Department about the video because she thought it was heinous that LHHATL producers moved to keep Shay from being charged. Sharika Soal aka Ladysoal writes:

In case you were wondering YES Vh1 was filming that day (2 months ago) , they were filming for an upcoming episode which features Stevie J and Benzino’s new club opening. The production company and producers did everything in their power to protect Shay from being arrested and charged with the crime for the sake of not having the future episode ruined. Had that been you or I , the police would of been knocking at our doors before we even got home…

If you are Mad at me for writing this you have to ask yourself why are you okay with it? I am not okay with it and I refuse to be told that this is acceptable behavior and maybe that’s because I might be one of very few who actually have a soul left for other human beings. I am doing this to protect my son’s generation and I am doing it because the victim deserves better. Period.


  1. Shay deserves to go to jail. I can’t stand people who use bottles to fight. If you have to do that then you really can’t fight.

  2. Is she that desperate to get back on LHHATL that she is willing to go to jail. I don’t have an ounce a sympathy for this bird.

  3. Shay is such a bird for this. She couldn’t just use her fist? She needs to go to jail. All this for a reality show. These people are terrible.

  4. She should be sued as well. It’s never ok to use a bottle during an altercation, especially when you started it.

  5. Francine from Arthur thought she was tough because she needed a bottle to handle business. Coward.

    1. This! Ugh she just kills me with all that weave in her head. I know she at least has 6 to 7 packs of hair in her head the minimum if not more. She looks a mess.

  6. Shay just wanted to look tough for those cameras. It’s all fun and games until you get locked up.

  7. Did she not learn from DaBrat??? I hope she gets locked up and sued. Mona and producers should be ashamed of themselves.

  8. Yeah when you use a bottle that warrants a trip to jail. Shay needs to be handled for her actions.

  9. Smh. That was hard to watch because you could hear the bottle hitting the other woman’s head.

  10. I hope for more than just her going to jail. I really want this show to be over and done with. Being that they recorded this…I’m really hoping there’s some kind of consequence for Mona Scott Young (or whatever her production company is) as well. That’s not cool. It’s not cute. And it’s not good for ratings.

  11. Shay is ratchet and disgusting for this. I guess all that weave is clouding her ability to think.

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