NeNe Leakes Confirms RHOA Casting Tea

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

A couple of weeks ago we told you that sources in Atlanta claimed that all of the housewives would be offered contracts for season seven even though multiple sites reported NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams were fired.

But now NeNe Leakes confirms the tea and she claims that Bravo did indeed ask all of the ladies to return for the upcoming season.

She tells Life & Style Magazine:

“All of us deserve a raise. I haven’t asked for more money yet, but I damn sure plan to!

“Everybody has been invited back, but I don’t know exactly what I’m doing. This past season was very dark and toxic; there was a lot of negativity. I just don’t want to work with so much negativity.”



Rumor has it NeNe Leakes is pushing to get the producers to go back to having more balance on the show versus a season full of cat fights and “read” sessions. This is why she keeps saying the show has gotten “too negative” in all of her interviews as of late. The problem is last season was the most watched and Bravo executives think it’s best to stick to the formula. In fact, they want all of their Housewives shows to get messier.

We’ll just have to see what happens.



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    1. honestly nene has problems with negativity only when it’s coming from someone other than herself.

    1. That was just Kenya’s five stans making the rounds as “sources”. We all know how they do!

      1. And they still believe they were fired talking about they won’t believe NeNe and Porsha weren’t fired until they see them holding peaches next season. They are so sad.

  1. It only makes sense to bring them all back and give them all raises when they had the best season yet.

  2. Those RHOA people want it to be messy and catty but then they want to threaten to fire someone when they feeds into the environment that RHOA set up. Can’t have it both ways want it to be messy and catty then don’t be surprised when someone gets their wig snatched.

  3. I agree with Nene. RHONJ used to be the rachet one in the franchise, now Atlanta has taken that title and sped off with it. Much as I loathe She by She Broke, her scenes with the other women were 10X more enjoyable compared than the messiness that is Kenya Moore and Mama “Will Cut a B*tch” Joyce.

  4. Bravo is running this show to the ground and I think they are doing it on purpose because they never liked the fact that RHOA has always been the most successful show out of the franchise. They want them to get even more ratchet so people will get turned off and stop watching.

    1. Yeah the good ole sabotage tactic. I agree. They never liked the fact that the black girls are the most watched.

    2. I agree. The fact that Bravo allowed a cast member whose entire existence on the show is a lie makes me question what their true motive is.

  5. The producers love the drama. I think they love the violence too. I wouldn’t be surprised if next season was even worse.

  6. Messier? I’m really not trying to watch another season JUST cattiness and arguments. RHOA does in fact need more balance to it. As for NeNe wanting a raise, get money girl! If Bravo decides to up the ante and make the season even messier (Sheree coming back) I’m sure they will want NeNe at the helm. This show is really starting to mirror Love and Hip Hop. I don’t watch that mess.

  7. I don’t mind all of them coming back. I just agree that the show needs more balance. Drama is great but there needs to be some lightheartedness back on the show as well.

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