T.I. Defends Floyd Mayweather Altercation

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

T.I. and his wife Tiny got a lot of flak for the rapper’s recent physical altercation with Floyd Mayweather, especially since all of the drama went down as a result of the couple’s ongoing marriage problems.

Tiny admitted on Instagram that she feels T.I. brought all of this on himself since he’s been linked to multiple women publicly for the last several months, but T.I. wanted to make it clear to his wife and his critics that he has no regrets when it comes to swinging on an undefeated boxer.

He posted the following photo and writes in the caption (screenshot obtained by The YBF):

t.i. not sorry


T.I. deleted the post.


  1. So he will ride, die, steal. kill and do life in jail for his family but he won’t even be faithful to his wife? Interesting.

  2. Oh I get it he will do everything for his family BUT be faithful to his wife. T.I. please save this sorry excuse for someone who gives a F.

  3. Oh Lawd. So he will do everything else including catch a charge for his fam but doing right by his wife is not an option. I don’t get this dude.

  4. I’m not understanding why they even got married. He clearly is not the marrying type. I just wish they would get their problems off social media.

  5. Well he can swing on as many boxers as he wants to but if he doesn’t get over himself and do what’s right with Tiny this marriage is as good as over. He’s acting like Tiny doesn’t have the balls to divorce him or something and I have a feeling she’s going to surprise him real soon.

  6. All this because Tiny took a picture with Floyd when Tip has been cheating for years. I can’t…

  7. I don’t get TI. The only thing his family needs him to do right now is be respectful to Tiny but he just won’t do that. He looks worse each day while all this plays out.

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