TLC Checks Rihanna, Rihanna Claps Back

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We already told you folks had plenty to say when it comes to the dress Rihanna rocked at the CFDA Awards. Just a couple of days after Wendy Williams gave her two cents and explained why Rihanna isn’t a fashion icon, legendary girl group TLC is also discussing Rihanna’s risqué fashion choices as well.

In fact, T-Boz and Chilli question why Rihanna always has to show off her body.

T-Boz tells Sunrise:

“Every time I see you, you don’t have to be naked. And it’s hard for us to say anything because every time we say something, ‘Oh TLC, they must be jealous.’ First of all, is what it is, I call a spade a spade. We sold and became the biggest selling girl group of all time, with our clothes on. That says a lot.

“It’s easy to sell sex. “

Rihanna’s Navy wasn’t having it and they alerted their fave in no time about the interview and Rihanna clapped back by changing her Twitter background picture to the following:

rihanna tlc beef

She tweeted this too:

rihanna tlc beef 2


There’s been no response from Chilli or T-Boz as of yet. But are you Team TLC or Team Rihanna on this one?


  1. Rihanna is so damn childish. They weren’t disrespectful. She just can’t take criticism. She’s used to her brain dead fans kissing her medicare a-s all the time. So when someone with common sense tells her the truth about herself, she has to resort to these lame a-s “clap backs.” One day she will be in their shoes, and her career will be cold too. Let’s see how she “clap backs” at that.

    1. When Rihanna’s reign is over, she will have achieved more success than TLC ever did. And that is a fact.

  2. I have a lot of respect for TLC. Their success in the industry speaks for itself and I still listen to their music today. But my issue is, I don’t like it when artists from the past get so critical about artists of today. While what they did back in the day is commendable, there’s no need to take shots at today’s artists in interviews. Why not pull Rihanna to the side and tell her this in private? That way it comes off as caring/genuine and not spiteful and attention seeking.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Notice how now the biggest two targets are Rihanna and Beyonce. It’s nothing but jealousy.

    2. Queen…girl you are so on point. Thank you. And they do the same thing to Beyonce. They don’t like how successful Bey is so they cross their fingers and pray for legends to shade her. It’s no different with Rihanna. People have been waiting for a legend to shade Rihanna and T- Boz should have known better and realized she was being baited into doing the one thing the media wanted her to do. I want her and Chilli to have a seat and let the artists of today have their shine.

  3. Yikes. Look, this is what Rihanna does. She has this whole bad girl image she has to keep up, so she needs at least 3 Twitter beefs a year to maintain that image. It just sucks that she’s basically trying to discredit all of TLC’s success when the fact is they sold more albums than she has. Just saying.

  4. I actually don’t have a problem with this little back & forth because I can understand what TLC was trying to say but I don’t fault Rihanna for clapping back. I personally will never understand why she feels the need to speak on everybody who has something to say about her but that is just her I guess.

  5. “When there’s no changing the fact that I’m me, and they’re well…they’re them.” Umm, Rihanna. girl stop it. TLC has sold double the number of albums you sold worldwide. Yes, DOUBLE. They are more than qualified to give their opinion. It’s not that deep. Put on your big girl panties and learn how to handle criticism. It comes with the job.

    1. Rih isn’t afraid of T Boz. Ask yourself why T Boz has been on Twitter and IG since and has said nothing. She knows better.

      1. Ain’t nobody scared of no damn Rihanna. People will say what they want to. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but truth be told I don’t even think T Boz even said a name in this interview. Me thinks the media took what she said and assumed it was about Rihanna. We’ll see soon if I’m right.

        1. Well to be honest I don’t think it was cool for T Boz to make that comment about anybody. TLC had their time. Why criticize what Rihanna is doing in HER TIME? But I still think if it came down to some kind of Twitter beef, T Boz would drag Rihanna for filth. She’s hood. LOL.

  6. Rihanna was just letting them know that they are in no position to call her out about selling sex when that’s the same thing they did. For crying out loud they stuck on rubbers to their outfits. They sang about sex all the time and they got almost naked in a lot of their pictures too. I guess they forgot?

  7. Are the nip shots helping her sell records? True musicians don’t rely on a gimmick; they just let their music do the talking for them.

    1. Well nowadays gimmicks are what people want. Especially when we live in a culture dominated by reality tv and shock value.

  8. Once again Rihanna shows how weak she is. Why can’t this immature a-s broad take any criticism? She’s the only singer I’ve ever seen this weak that she feels the need to respond to every single thing. Toughen up bish.

  9. This is just another edition of Old School vs. New School. Nothing annoys me more than when different eras of music are compared as if they are supposed to be the same. TLC is TLC. And Rihanna is Rihanna. Once we all understand that, everyone will be better off.

  10. Rihanna was minding her business and T-Boz decided to blast her in an interview. She certainly has a right to respond however she wants to. Now Chilli did something like this recently to Beyonce and I think it’s childish and spiteful. As black artists, they already know how hard it is for women of color to succeed in the business, so why are they constantly shading the two biggest black stars in the game? To me, it does seem like jealousy. Yes they were big back in the day, but now they’re not and I think they are pissed off about it.

  11. I see T-Boz’s point, but why hasn’t she made the same comments about Madonna, the originator of the shocking pop star culture? Rihanna is basically the black version of Madonna. Her schtick is controversy and nudity. She hasn’t invented anything she’s done, so I don’t get why she gets so much criticism and Madonna gets crowned the Queen of Pop.

  12. Didn’t Chilli just shade Beyonce a few months ago? So yeah, I’m Team Rihanna on this one. I don’t like it when Old School artists try to throw shade. It’s WACK.

  13. I don’t understand why fans and artists entertain this kind of stuff when nine times out of ten, when the artist’s career stalls, they end up broke because the label owns them. What does album sales and awards matter if these people have to file for bankruptcy in ten years? Rihanna is doing well right now, but she should spend more time securing her retirement because she won’t be on top forever.

  14. But did she have to bring Left Eye into this though? She should have cropped the picture and just left T Boz and Chilli in the pic.

    1. How long y’all been waiting for that now? And it still hasn’t happen yet! Rihanna is smart enough to diversify, that’s why she continues to make bank, and have such a long career.

  15. Why can’t artists say anything negative about Rihanna without it being such a big deal? They didn’t talk about her mama or call her a whore or anything. They just said that she doesn’t have to sell sex to be successful and I agree. Rihanna is so sensitive sometimes.

  16. Wait, but didn’t TLC (T-Boz to be exact) stick up for Miley Cyrus talking about “let Miley do Miley”?? So it was ok then and T-Boz can stand up for a white artist but not her own race? Oh ok.

      1. And so will Beyonce and many of today’s artists. Everyone has shine for just a little while and then the next one comes up so what’s the point here?!

        1. Umm sorry, I’m NOT a Beyonce stan. Or a stan for anyone for that matter.The topic is about Rihanna…so you brought up Beyonce for what reason again? LOL. #FAIL

          1. I said Beyonce AND MANY OF TODAY’S ARTISTS, meaning artists who are hot and on top now. Plus many others on here have made reference to Beyonce and other artists as well in their comments and I never alluded to assume that you stan for anyone, you perceived it that way, so whatever! LOL

        2. “And so will Beyonce and many of today’s artists. Everyone has shine for just a little while and then the next one comes up so what’s the point here?!”

          I’m pretty sure that was Chelly’s point to Anonymous in regards to Anonymous calling TLC a has been. Lol.

  17. I’m sorry but I don’t see why they felt compelled to call Rihanna out. She’s not the only artist to sell sex and she’s not the only artist to wear skimpy clothing either. I think they are feeling some type of way because they’re time has passed and they are struggling to make a comeback as the very first thing they spoke of was longevity. Some people on here are cosigning what they had to say, but when J Hud said something similar directly or indirectly about Beyonce singing about sex all the time everyone jumped on her case. Same thing when Chilli made the comment about Bey calling herself the Queen, but when its about Rihanna, they’re right I guess. Every artist or person for that matter is different and people just need to learn to let others be whether you agree or not.

  18. This is one clap back I don’t even mind from Rihanna. T Boz was really being catty. Who cares about what Rihanna wants to do with her own body. It’s her life.

  19. I believe in freedom of speech and freedom of fashion. T Boz has a right to speak her mind and Rihanna has a right to wear what she wants.

  20. Oh stop with the “Rihanna was defending herself” “what goes around comes around” “what goes up must come down” Rihanna attacks all day long she will attack a flea on the ground so cut it out she’s no saint “a hit dog will holler” all the BS going on in this world our kids are getting murdered back to back but every one stuck on this girl and her nipples that’s the only thing that was showing through her dress oh we was supposed to be naked anyway it was fine but eve had to eat the apple sigh!!

  21. I would take Rihanna’s side, but she’s not innocent when it comes to throwing shade at people. I’ll give her credit for the way she defended herself, I did laugh a little at the clap back. But at the end of the day she can wear as little clothing she wants, and people can say what they want about it. That’s just how it goes.

  22. although i get the point of what tboz is trying to say, the mention of them selling albums without showing off their body was coming for rihanna so why shouldnt she be able to say something back? now i do think rih takes it too far sometimes when she “claps back” but this one wasnt rude to me.even though tboz didnt say a name we all know who the hell she talking about.and rih responded…and?

    ….and no im not apart of the

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