Beyonce’s Pastor Defends Her New Risqué Image

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce took a huge risk when she decided to share more of herself through her latest studio album, and she put out more sexual images of herself thanks to tracks like “Partition” and “Drunk in Love.” But not everyone was feeling Queen Bey’s embrace of her sexuality. In fact, she got slammed something serious for it on social media and in publications.

However, there’s one person who is defending Beyonce’s right to be free as an entertainer, and that’s her pastor. Rudy Rasmus from St. John’s United Methodist Church in downtown Houston tells the Grio:

“Beyoncé is a consummate entertainer, and an entertainer entertains. Is the entertainer’s entertainment an expression of that person’s life and reality? I don’t know. But I know when Arnold Schwarzenegger straps on a 30 caliber cannon and blows planes out of the sky, nobody asks the question, ‘Arnold why are you walking around for those 90 minutes in that suit with that 30 caliber cannon? What kind of person are you?’ I don’t think I’ve heard that question. But at the end of the day, Arnold Schwarzenegger is an entertainer.

“I think a person has the right to earn a living in the way that they are gifted, and I think that she is tremendously gifted and I think she expresses that gift in some amazing ways. I think the world would be void an extreme talent if we silenced her or censored her.”


Do you agree or disagree? Speak on it below.


  1. I don’t give a damn what another grown woman does. If I like the music, I will support it period. Some people put these celebs on these damn pedestals and demand they be better people than we are. How you calling out Beyonce and Rihanna for anything when you’re out here sleeping around? We are all messed up in some kind of way. Shut up and enjoy the music.

  2. Beyonce has a right to do what she wants as an entertainer and people have a right to be critical of it. And I think Beyonce understands that better than Rihanna. She’s not out here snapping on IG/Twitter or in her feelings when someone calls her out for being controversial. It’s part of the game.

  3. I agree with him but I’m sure people aren’t happy with what he said because they feel as a pastor he should be out here dragging her and slut shaming her like other pastors. It’s not that serious. Beyonce is a married woman singing about sleeping with her husband. The outrage is hilarious and pathetic.

  4. I don’t even think Beyonce gives a sh-t. Her album is double platinum and she’s about to have yet another successful tour. People can criticize her all day. She’s still winning.

  5. He is absolutely right. I will take it a step further the media and people like to pick and choose who they slam for so called risque image. Where was the outrage for some of the things Madonna wore and sung about.

    1. Right……cause Madonna was slutting & sexing… least Beyonce is married and singing about affection with her husband

  6. Beyonce is another one that gets the absolute most hate from other women and it’s sickening. Until people stop viewing a woman’s sexuality and body as something bad, things will never change.

  7. She’s promoting married people sex, got married after years of courting and had a baby AFTER marriage. LOL why would he drag her?

  8. She’s an entertainer…her job is to entertain not be the second coming of Jesus. I swear her haters are just as ridiculous as her stans. This woman is not perfect, and she doesn’t owe us anything besides entertainment.

  9. He’s right on top if that she is a married woman. Ur suppose to keep ur husband happy sexually. She did everything right under the sun. Even though we all know she was sexing Jay-Z before they were married (lol like a lot of us sinners do) she decided to have a child inside her marriage which was smart cuz the fact is no kids before marriage u can perceive that how you want if they were sexing or not sexing

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