Kandi Burruss’ Dad Spills the Tea on Mama Joyce

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kandi Burruss’ father Titus spills the tea and reveals the true reason his marriage to Mama Joyce failed? In the upcoming episode of “Kandi’s Wedding,” Kandi has a sit down with her father Titus Burruss, Jr. to hear his side as to why things didn’t work out with Mama Joyce. Kandi learns that her aunts had a hand in the demise of the marriage. He says:

“In the beginning of our marriage, it was beautiful until we started having interferences. And a lot of times they came over and I didn’t like things being done and the things they were doing.

“You know, in terms of a lot of smoking and drinking and all this stuff in our home. And it went south. And at that time, they got you. They kept me from seeing you and all of that.”

Kandi isn’t buying her dad’s side of the story and tells him Mama Joyce told her he cheated. He then says:

“That was a lie. Where she got that from was her sisters. They were making the decisions. They even changed the locks on the house. I come home from work and my locks were changed.”

Then he drops a bombshell:

“I had a restraining order put against me so that I couldn’t come over there.”

Do you think he could be telling the truth? Watch the preview below:


    1. Kandi’s dad looks like he could be the father of Phaedra’s first son, Aiden. Kandi does not look like she could be the the daughter of Titus. She doesn’t even resemble her mama Joyce. Something is questionable with this family.

  1. I believe him. We’ve already seen how messy Mama Joyce and her sisters can be. I feel bad for Kandi but instead of nipping the problem in the bud, she’s made a show out of it.

    1. Well dos head Moma Joyce tell Landi on the show in 2016…Of Riely. Dad pag child support..He can t se e già daugther Riely…
      So I saw Moma Joyce on Alt Morning Show saying Kandi. Daddy still owe her(Moma Joyce) child Support Money…So I let you figure what the truth maybe…….
      No child support- in her mind lead to not Seeing your owe child or children in Some People World …Pow!!!! the answer is in. Black White

  2. He might not be telling the whole truth but I bet it is some truth to what he is saying. It always two sides to a story. I know it’s hard for Kandi to think her mom wouldn’t do those things but lets not act like Mama Joyce isn’t above being evil and vindictive as we’ve seen on tv.

    1. This is after all the same woman who committed bank and credit card fraud in Kandi’s name, so I puts nothing past her, ever.

  3. Well it’s not like it’s unlikely any of this could be true. Mama Joyce has been caught in multiple lies and she’s pretty terrible. IJS.

  4. It’s been years but I think he is telling the truth from his POV. We’ve seen Mama Joyce and her sisters in action. Kandi doesn’t want anyone speaking ill of her mother even when they are clearly right and justified.

  5. Well we saw Mama Joyce throw a shoe at someone on TV and her sisters ganged up on said person. So umm…yeah. LOL.

  6. This is very possible. Mama Joyce has already shown she’s capable of the kind of behavior he described. While her mother’s antics may make for good TV to some, in real life Kandi needs to handle this issue because it can ruin her marriage.

  7. What this man said is not all that unbelievable. Mama Joyce and her sisters are hell now so I can just imagine how they were in their younger days. It may or may not be true about the cheating, but Joyce is definitely a nasty woman as we all have seen. Kandi just doesn’t want to admit that her mother has some real serious issues. Joyce has the “Bob” complex. If Sue has a problem with Bob and Joe has a problem with Bob and Moe has a problem with Bob then Bob is the problem and Kandi’s mom is clearly the problem. I felt so bad for Todd last nite watching how she treated him because it’s the exact same way my ex mother in law use to treat me and I swear watching this woman’s antics was like deja vu! But I clearly fault Kandi for last nite’s fiasco because she has to learn when Joyce says evil things about Todd and his family, it’s not to be repeated for peace sake but just from experience, I think she repeated it to him because her moms has her mind so effed up that she actually believed it could be true. SMH, I’m sorry but I don’t see this union lasting long.

  8. I think the dad is telling some truth. Regardless will Kandi ever really knw. Anyway someone mentioned that Kandi shouldn’t have repeated what her moms said…..yeah granted if no cameras were around. But the cameras were rolling so Todd would eventually find out she actually said that and much worst. Mama Joyce needs to grow up and keep her hateful opinions to herself. Let Kandi live her life, she’s 30+. My grams had some negative things to say about my boyfriend….and I had to let her know you can’t judge someone you don’t know based on the little facts I relay over to you about them. My moms was doing the same. I emphasize to them that my boyfriend treats me right. Yes we disagree and have arguments. But he has never abused me in anyway. He has done so much for me that I know he isn’t out to use me….they see that and they are food wit it.

  9. I watched last night’s episode to of the wedding show and it was just ridiculous. Mama Joyce really needs to be checked and Kandi just sits there and says nothing. I know much of these shows are scripted but maybe dad is right about his experiences with her and those crazy sisters. I agree with the commentor who said Kandi should not have repeated what Mama Joyce said because it caused conflict between the two of them and then Kandi only told half of what Mama Joyce said. She failed to tell the part where her mother called his mother a whore. If she was going to tell him then she should’ve told him all of it. Someone above said she told because of the cameras, but she still didn’t tell the whole ordeal now Todd knows Mama Joyce called his mother a whore and Kandi lied and didn’t tell it all so she shouldn’t have said anything. He said so that means my mother is a whore and Kandi say no she didn’t say that. Crazy! Then when Todd responded to the comment made about his deceased father in a way Kandi thought he shouldn’t have she says he’s talking negatively about her mother, really Kandi? I honestly dont think Kandi is ready for marriage and should not have gotten married because she doesn’t know how to leave and cleave and that’s one of the top factors today that ultimately destroys marriages. Hopefully dad can keep the peace between them where cray mom tries to always stir the pot.

    1. And that is why even though Nene got dragged all over social media for what she said about Kandi’s Mom, she was totally right in what she said. I agree that Kandi should defend her mother in most cases, but at what point does she call her mother out for this horrible behavior? To call Todd’s mother a whore, and his dead father a pimp on national tv was reprehensible. Especially since she tried to play it off with “the streets” are talking, and “people told her”. She is a bold – faced liar, and Kandi better get her in check before the next set of lies don’t cause Kandi and Riley to be injured.

  10. I really like Kandi and Todd. I am rooting for their marriage. BUT, Kandi is gonna have to get Mama Joyce out of their business. If not, I give it 2 years. I am really starting to think that Mama Joyce is jealous of Kandi. Furthermore, if Mama Joyce really has a man, how does she have time to stay in Kandi and Todd’s business?

    1. I believe him..and if he did cheat on her I can see why but the thing is didn’t she cheat on him cause Kandi looks nothing like them at all to me..Her brother looks like Joyce her so call father daughter looks like him who Kandi look like..I really don’t think that’s he’s her father..Her mom just goes around telling lies to cover her a-s..she got Kandi brainwashed ..got that girl thinking she a good mom

      1. I totally agree. Poor kandi is indeed brainwashed and she wants her mom’s approval and she’s been that way since she was a child. Joyce needs mental help. She clearly thought Kandi would never get married or in a serious relationship with someone and build a loving bond with someone other than her. Joyce is hurt by that and she is doing anything to get kandi back in her net so to speak. She’s BITTER and that’s just the way she is and in my opinion that’s the way she’s been for yrs. She can’t truly be happy for Kandi because she is jealous of her daughter’s happiness. It’s sad.

    2. Mama Joyce YOU ARE DYSFUNCTIONAL!The sad part about you is that you don’t even recognise how putrid your behavior is,complete denial.You’re an.insecure,mentally.Ill jealous FAILURE as a woman and it’s painful to watch YOU demean everyone and everything..get help b-tch!

      1. And furthermore if you were my.mother you would have been smacked down years ago and disowned….my own mother would never interfere or try to live vicariously through me like you do to candy..what have you ever done for a living anyway…you have everything because Sandi has given it to you…if I ever see you in person I’m smacking you right in your mouth ..hard!yeah you only attack people that you think you can victimize…but a restarting woman is gonna check you immediately and show you you better respect!

  11. Given how out of line and bat shh crazy Mama Joyce is is I believe pops. I’ve lost any respect I had for Kandi watching her inability to be a strong woman deserving of respect. Don’t care how hard her mom worked to raise her, it doesn’t give her the right to be so vile towards anyone close to Kandi. You can love your mom but also still ensure you are treated with respect. Kandi, grow a spine, listen to your husband and others with clarity on this situation and tell your mama that she is not allowed in your life until she can demonstrate respect for the woman she raised.

  12. IMO, Kandi’s father is 100 percent credible. However, his statements do not explain his absence from Kandi’s life.

  13. I feel so sorry for Todd; his daughter and mom. I definitely don’t feel sorry for Kandi. Todd has made a huge mistake! His daughter and mother will also have “pay the price” for his actions in marrying Kandi. Don’t put all the blame on Kandi’s mother. 3/4’s of this is Kandi. She should have nipped it in the bud at the beginning and it wouldn’t have reached this type of epic proportion.
    Why is Joyce mad at Todd’s daughter and his mother Sharon???? At the beginning they had nothing to do with Joyce??? Venom was coming out from Joyce’s mouth!!! Why hate Todd”s relatives? And I assure you Sharon “talked so much” to try to put the Aunts at ease and fill the silence at the table. That’s what a person does to get conversation started Kandi. Even you know that!!!!! And Sharon was nervous being in their company. Todd, my motherly advice to you is RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Kandi doesn’t have your back and never will. And while you are still with her, USE CONDOMS or you will be paying for a child you will never see. She’s getting more like her mom every day. The verbal abuse will never stop. A person can only take so much verbal abuse and lies. Good Luck to Mama Joyce, Kandi, Kandi’s daughter, Todd and his Mother and daughter and Kandi’s aunts. I PRAY you all enjoy your lives and that I’m am totally wrong and all goes well with all of you. but what I’ve seen thus far it’s terrible. I would love to see everyone having FUN and interacting well with each other. Good stuff not bad stuff. I hope Andy came up with these storylines and it’s not true that you guys don’t get along. It makes me sad to think its real life. I probably won’t tune in anymore. Upsets me way too much.

  14. There is no way that is Kandi’s real dad. No resemblance at all. Mama Joyce is just hateful, but she has a point that Todd is a smooth talker and probably money hungry. Time will tell. Hopefully, Todd won’t snap one day and put on his dads purple shoes and woop that trick.

    1. I agree no way that is her father. I think mama Joyce knows that and that’s why she blocked him from seeing her. She needs to get a DNA.

  15. Is that Kandi’s biological father???? They look nothing alike. She has nothing like his maybe that’s the reason mama Joyce kept him from seeing her. Maybe she’s the true cheater. After seeing pictures of her late brother, it’s hard to believe he her real father. He should get a DNA.

  16. As messy as Joyce and her sisters were on the show, you can bet your bottom dollar they played a hand in the demise of her marriage. Lonely, bitter, man less women are always in somebody’s business and they don’t want to see anyone happy. Joyce wasn’t smart enough to realize what they were doing. Keep people out of your relationship. I had a relative who allowed her mother to ruin her marriage and then blamed her ex-husband for it falling apart. You can’t be mamas baby and a wife.

    1. You are a 100% right! I see and talk to my mother on rare occasions and I am so much more happier that I do. My mother tried to get in my husband and my business. We have been together 23 years and still going. If my mother was in our life we would not have been together a year. Kandi and Todd marriage is doomed to fail. Why, because Kandi allows her mother to say and do disrespectful things to Todd and his mother. I guarantee you he would not put up with Kandi & her mother if she was a regular citizen without all that money. Money,will blind you and make you tolerate shit you would not normally take.

      Kandi constantly says, she puts her mother in check, but she just ignores her and do what she wants to do. I say, Kandi, then tell your mother she is no longer welcome in her house , or talking to her by phone until she first apologize to Todd and his mother. And cease from the rude comments. Maybe she will lose her mother, because her mother is ignorant and evil. And actually that’s the way should be anyway……When Kandi mom come over to visit she should come to enjoy her daughter, husband and children. She should not come over and the first thing coming out of her mouth is negativity against her daughter husband…..Gensis 2:24 Therefore a man shall leave his mother and his father, and cleave to his wife and they shall be one flesh…

  17. I truly believe his side of the story. He has no reason to lie about something that serious and as messy as Mama Joyce is? Please!!! I’m taking his side on this one!

  18. I believe him! Mama Joyce is a ratchet old bat and she’s in Kandi’s business like they were in her’s. They are extra messy to be as old as they are.

  19. Kandi mama got a big mouth I don’t blame her father kandi gave her stuff an she was ungrateful she probably was a big mouth with kandi daddy so he left her good riddance her mama can’t keep no man probably because of her mouth

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