French Montana Responds to Tichina Arnold

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we reported recently, “Martin” actress Tichina Arnold did the unthinkable and got rapper French Montana together for reposting a meme that pretty much made a less than flattering picture of her go viral on social media, and the actress made it clear that he shouldn’t come for anyone who has real career that doesn’t depend on dating a Kardashian.

French Montana is now responding to the actress and he claims he didn’t mean anything by reposting the meme. He also claims he feels Tichina only responded to try to use the buzz to promote a charity:

french montana instagramfrench montana instagram 2


  1. So he’s trying to call someone out for trying to use him for relevancy when he’s dating a Kardashian? Irony at its best.

  2. Well he’s dating one of the biggest attention whores out here so he shouldn’t be too mad at Tichina…but I doubt that’s what she was doing anyway.

  3. French needs to stay in his one hit wonder lane and continue on with his real job of the moment, becoming a Kardashian.

  4. People post these stupid memes and disrespect people all the time but now when someone gets called out for spreading the foolishness it’s plugging something? French really needs to grow up.

  5. “…I was shocked to see this pic…”, but not too darn shocked to repost it though. Boy bye!!!

    Good to see that See ‘n Say Khloe bought him came in handy though. Lol!

  6. He’s the last one to talk about someone trying to use anybody. He’s dating Big Foot now for a reason.

  7. well at least he didnt get ignorant.he could have easily got out of line and disrespected her but he didnt.and of course she did plug the charity on a pic of him so he isnt wrong for that assumption.but as far as using him for relevance…..he needs to take a seat

  8. I just think French shouldn’t feel too important until he’s been in the game longer than 2 hours.

  9. He’s such a loser. Tichina had every right to be upset. He was poking fun at her physical appearance. He doesn’t see anything wrong with what he did because he’s a clown.

  10. I want him to work on his rapping abilities before he tries to come for people with actual talent.

  11. Replying to plug a charity and showing the positive you are doing is so much better then replying to plug yourself…..he needs to grow up!

  12. This is a weak response but I expect nothing less from French. It’s not like he’s known for deep rap lyrics or wit.

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