Kelly Rowland Pregnant?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B Singer Kelly Rowland just secretly tied the knot to Tim Witherspoon but whispers suggest that’s not all the couple has to celebrate.

For the last several days on social media, people talking about Kelly’s uterus and they suspect she may actually be pregnant. The whispers are now growing louder thanks to some new pictures of Kelly at a recent performance and one of her posing with Angela Simmons¬†on Instagram.

Blogger Rhymes With Snitch obtained the questionable pictures:

kelly rowland pregnant

kelly rowland pregnant 2

Now of course this is nothing but speculation, but it does appear that Kelly’s face is looking very full as of late.

Only time will tell.

UPDATE: Kelly Rowland just confirmed she’s pregnant on Instagram. Get the details here.


  1. Yeah. She looks like she’s expecting. It even looks like she’s trying to chill out on the chemicals in her hair too. That’s a huge sign that she may be pregnant.

  2. Well since she’s always been so disciplined about her body, and staying in shape, I’m apt to belive it.

  3. Hell she might as well go ahead and start popping out some babies because she isn’t popping out album sales. And I don’t understand why because her music is good. Smh.

  4. Makes sense. She just got married and she’s in her 30s. Most people who marry in their 30s don’t waste any time getting pregnant for obvious reasons.

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