Porsha Williams Gets a New Job

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While it was originally rumored that Porsha Williams got the boot from RHOA because she literally dragged Kenya Moore at the reunion by her tresses, NeNe Leakes has confirmed that Porsha will be returning for season seven of the hit reality show but it appears RHOA won’t be  the only thing Porsha has on her plate.

In fact, radio personality Rickey Smiley just confirmed the other day that Porsha will be a guest radio personality on his show for the entire summer. The show’s official website reports:

Porsha Williams, star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” just landed herself a job! The reality TV star will join “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” team all summer on “Dish Nation,” a daily entertainment TV program highlighting the nation’s funniest radio shows.

Porsha will offer her perspective on breaking celebrity news, and of course, the latest gossip and drama surrounding her fellow TV housewives.



This news comes just weeks after Porsha’s ex-husband Kordell Stewart was terminated from his radio gig in Atlanta.


      1. Of course, since she’s never had an idea or thought that she didn’t steal from someone else.

      2. She can get on dancing with the star if she want too. She got on celebrity enprentice didn’t she. Get your fact straight.

        1. Kenya steals every idea Nene had, so of course she’s going to eventually get on Dancing with the Stars. She’ll find one or two husband’s to sleep with, and do a whole lot of begging on her knees – and Voila!!!

          1. Apollo is not a husband, he’s a hustler. ……..I thought ya say her African prince didn’t exist. And now he does…by the way phaedra was making up lies about apollo n ms. Twirl

        2. Girl, please. There was no African Prince. Just a rich man who was MARRIED to someone else and didn’t claim Kenya. She’s a side piece, a mistress, and a homewrecker. Things that some of you Team Twirl cult embers seem to aspire to.

    1. Kenya don’t need to beg. She’s on celebrity enprentice next season. Any way, Porsha was on the ricky smiley show before and the staff was laughing at her dumb butt. The ricky smiley show is a 3 month gig…..Kenya Moore don’t do radio show.

      1. “Kenya don’t need to beg. She’s on celebrity enprentice next season. Any way, Porsha was on the ricky smiley show before and the staff was laughing at her dumb butt. The ricky smiley show is a 3 month gig…..Kenya Moore don’t do radio show.”

        Enprentice? Baby, learn the proper grammar skills before you try to talk to me. How are you a Kenya stan and you can’t even spell or express yourself like an educated adult? Kenya would be ashamed to have you as a stan. At least she has a college degree and can put together a coherent sentence. Sad.

      1. Kenya has bigger and better things coming her way. She don’t need to be hosting a radio show. That’s for fakedra and ms. Dummy Porsha…..

  1. Good for her. That’s the whole point of doing reality tv. It’s supposed to lead to more opportunities outside of TV

    1. This is why I cut for you on here girl lol you stan for Kenya but you still keep it real. I wish more of team twirl were like you. 😉

        1. How u know kenya Moore never been married. Assume away, that african man was not ugly. He sitting on billion. Kordell is ugly.

          1. Are you serious? Is illiteracy a requirement of Team Twirl membership? Divorce and marriage records are public property. If Kenya was married it would be public knowledge. And sorry, but Toye is fugly as hell – go look again.

    1. Now that is some serious karma right there. If she gets more radio work out of this Korbel will look like a serious jackazz.

        1. The biggest thot on RHOA is Kenya Moore Whore who’s been sleeping with arrived men and chasing other women’s husband’s since she got on the show. You stans have real selective memories.

          1. Lol. U lost ur memories boo boo. Kenya never slept with that thief apollo. Phaedra was jealous because kenya look better than her and have a better body than her. And I thought her African prince didn’t exist? Hmmm, phaedra force appolo to marry her old butt. By the way she’s 42 and appolo is 35. Kenya is 43 one year older than ms. I want to control my husband but I can’t. .. Phaedra is a thot. She’s a dick surgeon doctor, and she slept with many men. Don’t think because she married, she’s a saint.

      1. But she still gets a check though, right? And technically, her gig is longer than Kenya’s stint was on Celebrity Apprentice and Porsha probably made more money than the $20,000 Kenya got. *sips tea*

        1. Lol. Celebrity apprentice is a bigger show than the ricky smiley radio show. Celebrity apprentice has a bigger audience and its on NBC. Mostly minority knows about the ricky smiley show. I don’t think Porsha will make more money than kenya Moore. Kenya is drama and people love drama. The only reason porsha is famous now is because she drag kenya. Kenya will always be relevant because she bring drama. Believe me WE love drama. If the show was boring, who would watch it.

          1. You tell yourself whatever you have to if it will help you sleep at night. Peace.

  2. I have a poem for Porsha call she so dumb. Oh how come she so dumb. Oh how come she can’t spell. Oh how come she can’t pronounce words. Oh how come she so clueless. Oh how come she has to sing with autotune. Oh how come she blame kenya for her mug shot, and she took the first hit. Oh how come she is so stupid. ……now twirl on that PORSHA WILLIAMS FAN….

        1. Obviously you didn’t get the point. You have bad grammar in every comment that you write on here, which is a sign that you’re not intelligent either. So you can’t speak on someone else’s lack of intellect since you’re pretty ignorant yourself. Now, do I need to break it down in flash cards so you and the rest of the “Porshas” of the world understand it?

          1. Grammar or not. U got my point. U or you mean the same thing. Porsha or porshas is the same words. One is singular and the one is plural. I know my grammar, but me can careless about writing it out.

        2. And Porsha isn’t my girl. I don’t like any of them. But I can’t stand hypocrisy even more. You’re on here calling someone else a dummy and you’re not even articulate. Get it together.

          1. Lol. U on her side. I’m kenya side. It’s ok to pick a side, freedom of speech!

          2. Girl, the only side you need to be on is the grammar side of your local library. And I say that in love. I don’t mind you taking up for Kenya, but you have to come correct on here. Seriously, work on your grammar so you can take up for Kenya better than this. And I’m sure Kenya would appreciate it too. Isn’t she an advocate for college education? She annoys me, but that woman is articulate and very poised. Don’t embarrass her.

          1. Lol. U can read!! Once again this is an English class, I thank you teachers for ur correction…. . Ur girl porsha is an idiot. Every body know that.

          2. Lol. Like I said this is not the Washington Post. Ya can read so read on…….

  3. What? Girl, please learn how to write, proofread and properly express yourself. If you put half as much effort as you do arguing over Kenya Moore into proper grammar usage, I think you’d have a better defense in calling Porsha dumb.

    1. Lol bye Mariah. This is a a urban website magazine not Washington post. Have a seat boo. U know ur girl porsha is dumb.

      1. But Kenya makes sure she uses the proper grammar, capitalization and punctuation on her Twitter account and that’s nothing more than a social media platform. She even deleted a tweet for a misspelling the other day. But you don’t care to educate yourself so you can express yourself more intelligently amongst your peers on a blog site? How dreadful.

        1. Lol…like I care. I like said this is not a English class, or the Washington Post. And yes, this is an urban site, if you didn’t notice. .

      2. You need to have a seat too….in a library or an elementary level English class since you haven’t even mastered the basics.

      3. “This is a a urban website magazine…”

        And that means? Anyway, that is what all the illiterate people on the internet say when they get called out for being ignorant. The truth is if you were articulate, you wouldn’t turn that off to write comments on an urban blog. You speak like this in real life, and that is why you’re comfortable typing this way on this blog. If you’re going to attack for Porsha for her lack of intellect, at least get your terrible English skills corrected. You have no room to challenge anyone’s intelligence speaking the way you do. It’s embarrassing.

          1. Oh wow. I didn’t know one had to be an English teacher to be articulate and understand the basics of grammar. Do tell me more. *sits*

      4. So because it’s a so called “urban site”, somehow gives you the right to write like you didn’t graduate 8th Grade? Please don’t insult our intelligence. You should be ashamed to even utter that statement! Moron!!!

          1. Girl, go sit somewhere with that weak a-s comeback. Read a book and educate yourself before you try to come for anyone on this site. Dunce!

  4. I feel like I have to defend my girl kenya because you guys only seeing one side of the story and that’s not fair at all. No one is annocent, but give my girl some credit!!!!!

    1. Did you not get the memo that this is a reality show and nothing more? Why does it bother you so much when people don’t like Kenya? It’s not that serious. I’m sure there are people on the show you don’t like, correct? It’s not a big deal.

    2. Aww I’m Team Twirl too but I learned fast on here that I would be in the minority, lol. You can’t make everyone else on here love Kenya. It’s not going to happen, and that’s ok! She’s doing well and she’s unfazed by it all, so you should be unfazed too. She’s winning. 🙂

      1. It’s sad that Kenya’s “winning” is what everyone else calls losing at life. You stans are ridiculous.

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