Female Rapper Puts Jay Z on Blast, Again

Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr
Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Sometime last year an up and coming female rapper by the name of Liv accused Jay Z of trying to hit on her and she says she turned him down out of respect for Beyonce, but many dismissed her story because she still hasn’t provided any proof to back up her claims.

Liv is once again speaking out since the couple has been a target of the tabloids as a result of ElevatorGate and she’s boasting about the little bit of coverage she received in Life & Style’s new report that claims Jay Z has a blonde mistress. Liv posted the following to Instagram the other day:

liv instagramliv instagram 2


  1. For some reason I don’t believe her. He never directly talked to her. She was on the radio about it, then she wrote a song about, and now she’s in a magazine. Give it a rest

  2. She just wants attention. But what she fails to understand that this isn’t the way. LOL this won’t get her anywhere.

  3. So instead of coming up with a hot song like Nicki and Iggy to legitimately have a career, she’s still trying to eat off Jay Z’s name? Oh. Ok. Get this lame bish out of here.

  4. I don’t put cheating past any man but you can’t make these kinds of accusations with no receipts. Hell Jay probably doesn’t even know her. LOL.

  5. There is so much power in Jay and Beyonce’s names. I mean people use them to get attention all the time. The Kardashians, other washed up reality stars and struggle rappers and singers. It just shows that they really are a real power couple.

  6. Nah. The Rachel Roy story is the most believable thing I’ve heard. Everything else just seems like publicity stunts by untalented people looking for a comeup.

  7. If she wants a rap career, this ain’t the way to go about doing it. Stans never forget. And Beyonce has more fans than she has haters. This chick is stupid.

  8. The fact that she’s so proud of this and wants so much attention for it lets me know she’s lying. A real woman doesn’t publicize when she does the right thing and turns down a married man.

  9. If she thinks she can build an entire career out of this, she’s sadly mistaken. It’s time for her to actually work on her music and talk about something else. No one is checking for her, still.

  10. How long is she going to be “up and coming” UB? She’s never going to pop so it’s safe to just go ahead and call her an imaginary female rapper because her career is imaginary and only in her head.

  11. Wait, so now Solange is part of the mix? Really? I swear these thirsty-azz, dehydrated bishes get on my last freakin’ nerves.

  12. And? Men with no money and multiple baby mamas cheat all the time. I’m not saying she’s telling the truth…but the thing is Beyonce doesn’t need Jay Z to be rich, successful and one of the biggest names in music. She’s not even 40 yet and she’s like one of the highest paid artists of all time. They can split up today and she’d be good. Meanwhile this chick is using Jay’s name and still can’t get any buzz or real relevance. Damn. No wonder she’s all hype about being in a tabloid. She has no other accomplishments.

  13. So she says she turned down Jay Z out of respect for Bey but she’s in the media trying to get buzz from turning him down and putting him on blast? How does that work? She’s an attention whoring hypocrite.

  14. So she has no text messages, pictures, witnesses…NOTHING in 2014? Girl sit your irrelevant a-s down somewhere.

  15. She needs more people. Nowadays you’re supposed to have some kind of proof when you make these kinds of accusations. The fact that she doesn’t, makes it hard to take her seriously.

  16. this is a sad a-s story to try to continue to push. he could have been trying to get her for a video or modeling venture.the sh-t she saying is hella vague.and show some texts or calls.you turning him down gets no hand claps esp to where you keep bringing the sh-t up

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