‘Mary Mary’ Star Tina Campbell’s Husband Gets Caught Up?

Photo Credit: WEtv
Photo Credit: WEtv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tina Campbell marriage problems worsen? If you’ve been keeping up with Gospel group Mary Mary’s reality show, then you are fully aware of Tina Campbell’s troubled marriage to Teddy Campbell.

Teddy admitted on the reality show that he has cheated on Tina with multiple women, and she’s been taking the news pretty hard.

While the current status of their marriage is unknown, a YouTube video has once again thrown their troubled marriage to the forefront.

In a now private YouTube video, a YouTube personality claims to have insider knowledge on the couple and she also says that Teddy allegedly has a baby on the way with another woman.

But that isn’t even the shocker. The YouTube personality then states that Tina and Teddy allegedly started their relationship while he was married to another woman and Tina allegedly convinced Teddy to leave his wife to be with her.

Now we don’t know if any of this is true and these are some pretty serious accusations to make against a Gospel singer and her husband. And hours after the video went viral, it was made private, so you have to decide what that means regarding this gossip.

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  1. Anyone can make up something for YouTube views but this actually sounds believable considering how slutty Teddy is.

  2. Please tell me Tina isn’t a home wrecker if she is then what she’s going through with Teddy right now is karma.

  3. And this is why they should have never signed up to do a reality show!!!! They have ruined their career and their images for a small a-s WEtv paycheck! It wasn’t worth it!

  4. if she had to conceal her “exposure” id conclude that it was a made up or exaggerated story to get some kind of relevance.

    1. I’m in PR and I can tell you that’s not always the case. A Defamation/Slander case takes a long time and lots of money that only big media entities have. I’m sure Mary Mary’s people hit her up and threatened to sue, and she doesn’t have the money to fight in court so she just decided to take down the videos. That happens all the time when people can’t afford to fight in court. But it doesn’t mean she lied.

  5. Why am I NOT surprised!! Out of all those women he slept with, having a baby with one of them, wouldn’t be surprising.

    A while ago, on another blog, a poster, gave a detailed account, saying that Tina was Teddy’s side piece, before they got married. Teddy’s a musician, plus he sings in a gospel group. They have gospel groupies too Lol. The poster claimed that Teddy was told his brother,that Tina was his side chick…then he wifed her. Well nothing surprises me anymore, but I do want to see some proof of this Lol I don’t think the Mary’s bargained for this kind of attention. I knew some serious stuff would come out. With fame, it comes with the territory..

    1. I hope this is not true I like Tina but it does make sense why she took it so hard when she found out Teddy was cheating on her. Also it seems like Tiny kept having babies to keep Teddy around. If it is true Teddy’s ex is some where saying “Payback is a b-tch”

  6. This is probably another stunt for their stupid a-s reality show. One of the worse things they could have ever done was agree to be on TV. Now I can’t even look at them the same.

  7. She made the video private because she’s not telling the whole truth. Is it plausible Teddy knocked someone up…YES. Is it plausible Tina pursued Teddy while he was married? YES. But where are the receipts?

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true he is already a proven cheater. I can also believe that Tina was creeping with Teddy. It’s always the people that act so holy that have skeletons in the closet. Erica, Tina and that sister Googoo (who I can’t stand) definitely be acting like their holier than thou attitude but slowly but surely you are seeing the truth come out.

  9. I don’t think I believe this simply because she made the video private. That’s a red flag for me.

  10. Sometimes, it’s best to stay away from them online dating sites. You never know what kind of fools and hoes may be on there!

  11. If all is true, their union was formed on sinking sand to begin with. You cannot make a cake out of rocks, sand, and tears.

  12. Tina god put you and Erica together don’t let the world break it up. Go back to where god started you we need Mary Mary tw

  13. The world would be a better place if folks mind their own besness!Lord help the people please,love you Mary Mary ..

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