Jay Z’s Alleged Mistress Gets Even

Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr
Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you recently about a new report that claimed Jay Z was stepping out on Beyonce with a blonde socialite who also had a stint on a Bravo reality show, and it appears the woman in question isn’t too happy with the scandalous press she’s been getting. In fact, TMZ is now reporting that the woman has hired a lawyer and she plans to sue the company who owns In Touch Weekly:

Casey Cohen — who was on the Bravo show “Princesses: Long Island” — was named as Jay’s alleged side piece in several magazines (such as In Touch) … all owned by Bauer Media Group.

TMZ has learned Cohen has hired a lawyer who fired off a cease and desist letter saying Cohen and Jay Z “have never been in love or intimate” — and dismissing all the Bauer articles as “a foul and phony mistress-rumor.”

Cohen cops to having met Jay Z and Beyonce several times — in the letter, obtained by TMZ — but only through her job working as a VIP hostess in New York City.




The site goes on to say that Casey is demanding that the publication removes all the articles alleging she’s the rapper’s mistress and she also wants a public apology.


    1. It really wasn’t. But you know some people took it and ran with it anyway because they hate Beyonce that much.

  1. As big of a star as Jay Z is now, please believe if he ever cheats there will be receipts to prove it. I’m talking about pictures, witnesses, and text messages…etc. He’s too big of a deal now for people not to tell and get compensated for it. As for now, everything we’ve been hearing has been made up by tabloids because people are hungry for something since the elevator incident.

    1. This! I be thinking the same thing like come on now if Jay is cheating like the media portrays where are the receipts. You see how as soon as they got the elevator footage they leaked it. This is why I don’t believe this made up story.

  2. Girl goodbye! She probably is one of Kim K’s friends and put the story out herself for some damn attention.

    1. LOL I thought about that too. Something is very fishy about the story like it was planted by someone with an agenda.

        1. Haha! She was so happy when when the speculation started about their marriage after Elevator-gate, she was practically salivating. Wendy is a messy tranny! No offense to all the otherwise fabulous trannies out there.

    1. Beyonce and Jay Z have gotten too successful. It was bound to happen. They are strong though. They will be ok.

  3. Go to hell Kris Jenner. I see you’ve been very busy since Jayonce decided not to attend your slutty daughter’s THIRD wedding. Get over yourself.

  4. Jay and Bey need to start suing too. This is getting out of hand. Nobody had anything to say until Solo got down in the elevator.

  5. It’s been really scandalous for the Carters ever since the elevator fiasco. The media is desperate and wants them to split up. It’s very sad to see.

  6. Successful marriages among black celebrities such as Jay and Bey seem to scare certain folks. Like all we’re supposed to portray are broken homes, deadbeat dads, and single mothers on welfare. I’m already sorry for Barack and Michelle, because as soon as his term is finished, we’re going to hear the same gossip and conjecture about them. Mark my words!!!

  7. show the proof.whod go so far to speak out esp on someone high profile with no proof to back up their claim.come better than this

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