Beyonce Subtly Claps Back at Divorce Rumors

Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr
Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ever since ElevatorGate, Mrs. Carter and her marriage to Jay Z has been the target of vicious divorce rumors and mistress reports. But the most compelling rumor out thus far has been one that suggested the singer actually had her ring finger tattoo removed by a laser procedure because a divorce was impending.

Beyonce even fueled the rumors more when she was photographed rocking a band-aid over the tattooed finger on her Tumblr blog.

But in a new photo posted to her Instagram account hours ago, she made it a point to make sure her tattoo was in full view. And it appears she may have even had it touched up:

beyonce instagram

This comes just hours after the woman In Touch Weekly accused of having an affair with Jay Z announced she would be suing the publication because she never slept with the rapper.

So it appears there’s no divorce in the works for the Carters, despite tabloid speculation.


  1. LOL. I love Bey. Side note, this picture has me so hype about the ONTR tour. I can’t wait to see her and Jay live! Yasss!

  2. Everyday another rumor! The Carters need to get paid for making these publications so much money. Love that Bey never needs to shout to make her point.

  3. I am so sick of reading about alleged Bey & Jay affairs and divorces. That elevator leak is the worst thing that happened. Everybody thinks they know everything about Bey and Jay. People still haven’t learned they know absolutely nothing.

  4. Nice. I’m glad the rumors weren’t true. We will never know why Solange did what she did, but what is clear is Bey and Jay are human and they are in it for the long haul. That is rare in Hollywood. I wish them the best.

  5. Bey better let them know. I knew she didn’t get rid of the tattoo. Now back to the regularly scheduled program. She has a tour to get ready for.

  6. That’s what I love about Bey she never give the hater what they want. Can’t wait for this tour I am going to at least 3 shows cause be never does the same thing on each tour. The overseas show the people are so hype.!!! I will be there!!!!

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