Blue Ivy Petition Creator Says She Was Just Joking

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Blue Ivy’s hair seems to be a big topic, especially in the black community and we’re quite disturbed that the toddler’s hair is now being discussed on news outlets such as CNN. But we’re pretty sure it’s a rather heinous petition that helped the tot’s hair become such a popular topic in the last several days.

Self-proclaimed “natural hair lover” Jasmine Toliver created a petition that urged Beyonce to “comb” Blue Ivy’s hair, and it didn’t take long for the BeyHive to locate her Facebook page and start posting her photos all over social media.

As a result of Beyonce’s fans locating her Facebook page, Jasmine has since changed her name on the social networking site and she’s even deleted her profile. In the meantime, she now says the petition was just a joke and the people who signed it are idiots:

I’m just so over with society! Obviously the petition was a joke! It just goes to show you how dumb people really are to believe I would really deep down in my heart start a petition to comb her hair and be DEAD SERIOUS! Your suppose to laugh at stuff like that. Shake your head and keep strolling. A discussion with 4 friends and a joke when I said “I’m going to start a petition to get this baby hair combed” turned global!!! I guess petition sounds important like its judicial. Something that has to be notarized.. Like the courts or police officers has to be involved.! Like its a subpoena! Like if it does get a billion signatures a change will ACTUALLY HAPPEN!!!!! Lol yo it just goes to show people will fall for anything! Especially a petition as stupid as that!



While she says she still think Blue Ivy’s hair should be styled more often, she thinks only idiots would take such a stupid petition so seriously to actually support it.

What are your thoughts?


  1. B-tch please! Your a-s got dragged so bad, you got splinters. Sit you self – hating, ignorant a-s down and be silent.

    1. I’m with u. Black folks need to spend their time going to college or trying to become business owner instead of talking bout Blue Ivy

  2. She’s just as stupid as the people who signed it. No decent human being is ok with obsessing over a child’s hair.

  3. I’ve never been more embarrassed by my people….and we wonder why they sit back and laugh at us. Only black people would tear down a baby over her kinky hair. I hate ignorance.

  4. The real shade is all these females worried about Blue Ivy’s hair will spend more money slapping a relaxer in their baby’s hair than putting up money for their child’s college education. While they are worried about hair, Beyonce is working her tail off to make sure her baby will have the best of everything, including an education. Priorities are all f-cked up man.

  5. Beyonce can do whatever she wants to her child’s hair. The issue I have is the main people talking mess have already ruined their own heads and are currently f-cking up their child’s hair too. They got these little girls running around here with all those braids and bows in their heads and then they won’t understand why the little girl doesn’t have edges when she gets to high school and why her hair won’t grow. Idiots.

  6. The only people sweating this are people who hate Beyonce. They are willing to use her child’s hair to tear her down and it’s just because they are jealous of her success and her life. Miserable a-s b-tches.

  7. they supported just like your dumb a-s had the thought to make it.they felt the same way.why go as far as to make a petition then if people were supposed to feel as you felt? shes dumb for making a petition making mockery of a child’s hair. she only claiming a joke because she got stalked and posted on the

  8. This is nothing more than passive aggressive online bullying. This idiot and the people who signed it don’t care about Blue Ivy, they just want to bring Beyonce down by any means possible. But karma will come knocking on their doors very soon. You can’t put evil in the universe and not expect it to return ten fold to your doorstep.

  9. Blue does get her hair done though. They know this too but they rather pick on Blue to hurt her mom. But like a normal child who’s active, she messes it up and gets dirty. A real mom can tell you a two year old’s hair won’t stay done. I see kids all the time with wild hair after playing around. It’s normal. This is only being made a big deal because it’s Beyonce. Her haters put her on a higher pedestal than her stans.

  10. I cussed out a coworker this morning over this because I asked her why no one said this about Halle Berry’s daughter and this ratchet bish said its because an Nahla is mixed and has good hair. I realized then this is really about 1. Self hate and 2. People hate Beyonce so much they are ok with attacking her child.

  11. I won’t even be mad if the Beyhive gets to her. What she did was messed up and she deserves to be dragged. Say what you want about Bey, but leave her innocent child out of it. This is the one time I’m rooting for the Beyhive. Drag the hell out of this stupid bish.

  12. Natural hair lover? I didn’t see natural hair in any of her pictures. She has over processed and very thin hair. Typical.

  13. When you don’t have a life and aren’t happy with yourself, you make stupid petitions and tease a toddler for wearing her natural hair. Notice how the happy and successful people don’t have time for this sh-t.

  14. I hope this stupid person never has kids. There’s enough stupid and heartless people in the world as it is.

  15. So I just googled her name to see a picture of what she looked like. Slick felt like a real life episode of Catfish. She should probably find the nearest seat and muzzle and put them to use.

  16. Joke is correct her fat a-s and that crazy high yellow b-tch and the one who looks like miss piggy are all jokes. When your career is dead then you have all the time in the world on your hands and you do f-cked up sh-t. To say that blue looks like ODB and she needs some product on her hair shows just how smart these 3 no count b-tches are. Now they are running scared cause they know they really f-cked up.

  17. I challenge anyone who is obsessing with Blue Ivy’s hair to set up a college fund for their kids. Research proves black women spend more on hair related purchases like wigs/weaves/hair products than any other race but black people are the least likely to have college funds set up by their parents. Smh at the priorities. We have to do better. Hair is not that important.

  18. If Blue’s hair was really “unkempt,” it wouldn’t be so full and growing. That means her hair is being taken care of. The problem is a lot of black people don’t like their kinky texture. That is why so many of these natural hair folks are spending so much time trying to change their texture into something curlier and they spend a lot of money trying to “define curls” they don’t even have. My bestie lets her child’s hair breathe and she doesn’t put a whole bunch of braids and bows in it and already her hair is longer than most of her peers who look like her. No wonder the natural hair movement is just taking off. We really do hate our hair.

  19. This is a self hate and a hate Beyonce issue IMO. Look, Blue’s hair is combed and its moisturized. She’s most likely a 4c and that kind of texture always looks dry even when it’s not. My sis has 4a hair but it’s sandy brown, and no matter how much she conditions, it always looks dry. Some hair texture are just like that. And who’s to say the hair wasn’t combed? I think people are just mad it’s not combed they way they want (braids/bows/relaxer). We were taught as slaves to hate our hair and sadly most of us still do.

  20. Why are so many people Beyonce’ haters? I have nappy hair and I love it. Blue is a cute @$$ baby. The texture of her hair is beautiful it hers. The people talking probably have someone else’s hair n their heads.

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