Mama Joyce Takes Pride in Acting Crazy on TV

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kandi Burruss has a new hit in her spinoff wedding special “Kandi’s Wedding,” and the ratings for the Bravo show have been off the roof thanks to the star of the show…Mama Joyce.

Mama Joyce’s antics may be entertaining to most, but some people have speculated that the reality mom acts up on TV because she’s drunk most of the time she films.

But Mama Joyce makes it clear to WetPaint Entertainment that she’s not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol:

“Now, last year they may have caught me with a bad mood. So for those who thought I had been drinking, they are sadly mistaken. I do not drink, I do not smoke, and I have never done any drugs.

“That was just me being me. And in the future if they see me on the show, they’ll see me being me.”

Mama Joyce also beams with pride as she labels herself crazy:

“I’m just kookoo crazy!”



Spotted at Fameolus


  1. *sigh* This old bird doesn’t even have enough sense to be ashamed of herself. I bet if Kandi cut that allowance off, she’d straighten up real quick!

    1. im sure she does but mama joyce needs to work.this allows her to get some attention and money instead of spending kandis money all damn day

  2. She’s too old to be such a fool. But I guess Kandi doesn’t mind as long as it brings in ratings. Smh.

  3. And she’s absolutely right, she’s crazy as hell! I believe her, I don’t think she’s acting because I know a few people who act just as if not more crazy than she does and that’s without alcohol. Kandi ought to be embarrassed to have her mama out here like this.

  4. She’s proud of it because she’s acting. If this was someone like a Momma Dee or Frankie, mothers who have been crazy since day one, it would be a different story. But early on in RHOA, this lady had some sense. She carried herself with respect and would rarely ever kirk out and act a fool…especially without having a legitimate reason. But with the desire for more money and air time comes an exaggerated front of who she really is. She needs more people.

  5. at first the lady was drunk….and now esp at the reunion for rhoa that lady was menopausal and drunk.when she first came on the show she didnt act like this.she had class now she be cursing and throwing tantrums and slandering people.

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