T.I. Takes Jabs at Tiny in New Music + Azealia Banks Comes for Tiny’s Looks

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

T.I. and Tiny are currently separated and the couple’s demise has mainly been playing out on social media for the last several months. Things have gotten so nasty between both that T.I.’s mom actually reached out to Tiny on her Instagram account and begged her to call her estranged husband to start working out their issues.

In the meantime, T.I. has now been taking shots at Tiny in his interviews and now he may be taking subtle jabs in his new music too.

In his new track, “No Mediocre,” T.I. actually raps the following lyric:

“Out here trying to find some one that’s better than my last though”


In the track which features Iggy Azalea, T.I. raps about how women have to be dimes for him to bed.


Interestingly enough, one person has already called T.I. out about his new track. Rapper Azealia Banks posted the following tweet before deleting it:

azealia banks twitter



  1. I hate when married rappers rap like they are single. That is so disrespectful to me but whatever. And I have no words for Azealia Banks. This is why she won’t ever make it in the industry.

  2. Azealia can’t come for nobody’s looks. She has no edges and she looks like a little boy when her weave is out and the makeup isn’t on.

  3. So does Twitter beefing and throwing shade pay Azealia’s bills because she puts more energy into beefing than her actual music.

    1. Me either…..but I just googled her and I couldn’t get thru the first part of her damn video……I hate when these non celebrities take jabs at other people to try & boost their self confidence.

  4. Iggy Azealia should be the last. A blond, bottom-heavy sea creature with big hips should NEVAH try to come for anyone else – least of all Tiny.

    1. Iggy didnt but Azealia Banks came for Tiny which is a shame considering nobody knows who Azealia Banks is with her non existent career having self. Iggy knows better at least one should hope

      1. She guested on that weak – a-s song of TI’s, that was no bueno for me. Like she really didn’t know who he was talking about. Azealia Bank is just bitter. No career, and no relevance will do that.

  5. I can’t even take this song seriously. TI has all these standards and requests about how women need to look but what does he bring to the table besides money? He couldn’t even do right by his wife and he’s childish as hell. What kind of man puts all his business out on Instagram? He really needs to log off all forms of social media and get his mind right. He’s setting a terrible example for his sons.

  6. So Tiny is mediocre because Azealia doesn’t think she’s pretty? Well Tiny has made more money in music than most and has written hits. She’s still living off the money she made from songwriting and being in Xscape. She’s the one who actually put T.I. on. Meanwhile Azealia can’t even pop outside of her Twitter beefs. If anything is mediocre, it’s Azealia’s “career.”

  7. I wish Azealia Banks would shut the hell up. Her need to beef with everyone is such a turn off and I know that is why her career never took off. And if she would have been smart, she would be where Iggy is now. She screwed herself and she’s too stupid to see that.

  8. I expected more from T.I. based on his “growth” over the past few years, but he’s still that same ratchet negro from Bankhead with no regard for others and poor decision making skills with a “me, myself, and I” type of mentality. They are both wrong for handling their marriage issues on social media, but he’s not doing anything but adding insult to injury with these interviews and lyrics. Beyond his issues with Tiny man these people have children who are of age, that hear and see what’s going on. Very poor example. I’m sure this season of The Family Hustle will be the last one I watch….assuming they even bring it back for another season. So phony.

  9. It’s time for Azealia to get off Twitter and focus on her music or she needs to quit the business. The only time I hear about her is when she’s being childish on Twitter. Her priorities are messed up.

  10. azelia….child….please.

    bigger question… whats more mediocre? tiny looks or her damn edges? old bald headed a-s

  11. she just commented that to see if she can get ti to say something and be relevant by riding him and tiny’s nonsense

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