Tiny Responds to Azealia Banks

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we reported recently, T.I. and Azealia Banks got into a rather nasty social media beef over his new track “No Mediocre” and T.I.’s wife Tiny was the target of Azealia’s wrath.

The female rapper has made it clear in the past she doesn’t care for T.I. but the bulk of her tweets were disses regarding Tiny’s looks.

T.I. has already responded and threatened the rapper, but it now appears Tiny is clapping back too. She posted the following to Instagram shortly after Azealia fired her first shot:

tiny instagram


  1. Simple response and it’s so true. Azealia always has something to say about everyone else, and her career continues to be nonexistent. She needs to get her priorities together.

  2. I’m asking the same thing. I can’t name one song from Azealia but I can recall at lest five Twitter beefs she’s had in a two year time span.

  3. I can’t even front I did kinda chuckle at what Azealia said lol. I do think she needs to give up this nonexistent rap career and become a full time twitter troll because she has more potential at being a twitter troll than a rapper.

  4. Azealia is a troll. She picks at people hoping to get a response because she can’t get attention any other way. She isn’t worth a response.

  5. What’s the point of attention whoring if you don’t have any music to promote? I don’t get Azealia. She never makes her trolling useful. She can clown Tiny and TI all day but they have money and legitimate careers. She doesn’t.

  6. Tiny shouldn’t even sweat it. Azealia’s struggle career is her karma for all her petty Twitter beefs. Let her sink on her own.

  7. But Azealia isn’t successful enough to come after anyone. Plus she’s not the cutest thing herself. She’s just aching for relevancy that she can’t get on her own.

  8. It’s always the least relevant people that have the most to say about the relevant people. Azealia can make fun of Tiny’s looks, but Tiny can make fun of the “rap career” Azealia has. Azealia was crying on Twitter about Iggy’s career the other day but truth be told she could have blown up if she hopped off Twitter and put out some hot music. She didn’t and now Iggy is becoming a legitimate threat to Nicki Minaj and she’s not even a decent rapper.

  9. im convinced that this azelia b-tch is a troll.she makes no music but always has sh-t to say about somebody that is actually out there.i dont even get why they still speak to her.

    1. Wasn’t she whining about TI not acknowledging her on a few occasions? I think that’s why she’s so damn salty. But dogging his wife out (estranged or no), is not going to make him want to work with you bish! Step off!

  10. I’m still trying to figure out why she’s so pressed about T.I. lyrics because everybody knows rap is a form of storytelling whether it’s a true story or not….& after googling her, she ain’t no where in the looks or rap department, IMO.

  11. Azealia is just happy people are talking about her flop a-s. She can’t get attention any other way.

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