Rumor Control: Jay Z & Beyonce’s Tour is Not Flopping

Photo Credit: Rob Hoffman
Photo Credit: Rob Hoffman

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kardashian affiliate Radar Online recently claimed that a Ticketmaster source informed the site that ticket sales for the “On The Run” tour were struggling and the tour was pretty much flopping horribly.

But Billboard actually has receipts that show otherwise and according to the music publication, the tour is on pace to rack in $100 million from just 19 shows:

Sources close to the Live Nation-produced tour tell Billboard that, as of June 17, the tour has racked up about $86 million in ticket sales and is on a pace to gross close to $100 million from just 19 shows. The source says attendance is on a pace to top 850,000 tickets sold, and a Live Nation rep confirmed to Billboard last night that the tour is indeed nearing that threshold. That’s a whopping nightly take of $5.2 million, and an average attendance of nearly 45,000 per show — well more than two sold-out arena shows would generate in any given market. Numerous shows are sold out, and Live Nation cites “unprecedented” VIP and platinum ticket sales.

Two days later, Live Nation offered this statement to Billboard: “The On The Run Tour opens next Wednesday in Miami’s Sun Life Stadium to over 48,000 fans, then rolls to Cincinnati to a sellout crowd of more than 37,000 fans, and on July 1st more than 50,000 fans will pack Boston’s Gillette Stadium. With sellout nights across North America, these first three shows are indicative of the strong demand. Overall, the tour has sold well over 750,000 tickets, grossing more than $90 million, and has unprecedented VIP and Platinum ticket sales.”



So what does this mean? Well so far the OTR tour will end up being one of the most successful tours of 2014. Not too shabby.

Interestingly enough, Radar Online was also the same publication that claimed Kimye’s Vogue cover was on pace to break records and outsell Beyonce and Michelle Obama’s. That turned out to be a lie though, big time.


  1. Hell it was hard to get tickets…so there’s no way the tour is struggling. I wish Kim and her nutty family would leave the Carters alone. It’s like they are on some kind of mission to now take them down because they didn’t go to that sh-tty wedding. Damn Kim has been married three times. No one takes her seriously and we shouldn’t have to.

  2. You mean people actually believed it was flopping? Lol damn I must be living in the twilight zone. I’m not even a stan of either of these people but I doubt they will ever have a struggle tour.

  3. I knew this was a lie because I know people who are still trying to get tickets and they are sold out everywhere. My cousin has tried 4 different cities and all sold out. I didn’t even pay attention to this silly little rumor.

  4. I’m waiting for someone in the media to expose how the Kardashians have actually managed to stay relevant so long. Enough digging will prove they invest in blogs/publications to become their mouth pieces and do their dirty work. I remember a NY Post writer put Kris Jenner on blast and said she sent in gifts and offered to pay money to have her write a good review on her short lived talk show. And Kim’s old publicist said she sends her own fake stories good or bad to blogs to keep her relevant. She doesn’t even care if it’s bad press. And when they are done with someone, they use the same media outlets they send money to as weapons. There’s a reason why all these negative stories about Jay Z and Beyonce have been running on the major tabloids US Weekly, E!, Radar Online, Life & Style and In Touch Weekly. The Kardashians have part ownership in all of these sites/mags. These people play very dirty.

    1. Tell the truth and shame the devil. I’m in celebrity PR and that’s all people have been talking about lately. The Kardashians have been very busy trying to take down Jay and Bey because they are embarrassed they didn’t come to the wedding. Money talks so the sites they pay will do as they are told, no matter how unethical it is. I can’t tell you how many times my firm has paid a major website to run a rumor for “image reasons.” It’s a very dirty industry and the K’s use it to their advantage.

    2. I think it’s obvious though. Beyonce didn’t get caught up in all these slanderous rumors until Kanye hooked up with Kim.

    3. Well look how they did Lamar. The Kardashians are ruthless and soulless people. Fame and money is all they care about. I just hope Kanye knows they will take him down too when they no longer need him. He’s an idiot.

    4. Sh-t Kim’s momma told her she’s better than Beyonce. And here comes Kanye to repeat the same lie and blow her head up even more. That’s why I think she’s really low key racist. She’s a white porn star with no talent or skills, and she thinks she’s better than a talented black woman who works her a-s off.

      1. Girl that whole family only sees black people are resources. Period. That’s why I chuckle when I see a black person defending them.

    5. I think the K’s put out negative stories about themselves so it won’t look obvious which publications are working for them.

    6. Oh and just to add to your tea, one media outlet did kind of confirm what you typed. I remember months ago either Access Hollywood or ET said they were told they couldn’t cover a Kardashian event because they didn’t agree to a “partnership” with them. So they left the event and wrote an article about it. The Kardashians’ little media games aren’t really going to be a secret much longer. Trust and believe.

    1. Kim needs to sit her diaper booty a-s down too! You know she’s helping her momma come up with these dumb a-s lies! She’s vain enough to have only married Kanye just to say she had Beyonce come to one of her many weddings and she’s pissed it didn’t work out that way!

  5. I live in ATL and the only seats left at the Dome are nosebleeds and I’m sure they will be snatched up by the day of the concert. That tour is doing just fine.

  6. And just to add, Bey and Jay have added more shows with one in Paris. You don’t add shows if your tour is doing bad. You cancel shows if it’s a flop. Common sense ain’t common I guess.

  7. Wasn’t it Wendell Williams who was crowing like a peacock reporting this story on her show the other day? Her hate for the Carters is almost palpable at this point. And of course, according to her, ROL is NEVAH wrong, so the stories about the tour MUST be true. *sucks teeth* I really wish Wendell would stop crawling up people like JLo’s semi – talented a-s, and give Beyonce her due. But of course, that’ll never happen

  8. Damn all this because they didn’t go to that wedding? Imagine what stories would have came out if they did go!

  9. But I’m getting emails about them adding on shows! That is how people should have known this was a lie!

  10. They shouldn’t have even responded. They should have just let the final numbers speak for itself. Then the haters would have had a heart attack.

  11. The rumor sounded like BS and whoever wrote it was probably a Kardashian plant. Look, ticket scalping is a huge problem, but the tickets bought up by scalpers via Ticketmaster on Stubhub still count as purchases. Having a few “thousands” of tickets left at any city isn’t a flop and seeing some available on StubHub isn’t a sign of failure. And if there are a few thousands left in multiple cities then over 90% of tickets have already been sold and the first show hasn’t even happened yet. In what world can that be considered a flop? LOL.

  12. The sad thing is the Kardashians are so dirty they actually tried to blame Solange for this lie. They are disgusting human beings.

  13. I told you that it was kim and her mama, I had lots of friends calling me to ask if I had got my tickets cause they were having trouble getting tickets. My sister had to go to another state because her state MD was sold out. Did you notice how Beyoncé not one time stop living her life to address any of this BS. Since then she has kept rehearsing for her tour, put out a new perfume and not gave a damm about who don’t like her baby’s hair. Kick rocks haters.

      1. Well I can’t even even blame them. I tried to get tickets during the Chase pre-sale for ATL and couldn’t get anything. I just don’t want to have to go to Stub Hub because they are charging mortgage prices on there. Push come to shove, I will just get the affordable nose bleeds from Ticketmaster and call it a day. Bey is worth it and she will put on such a great show that it won’t even matter where I sit.

  14. Damn why are the Kardashians so obsessed with the Carters? Kanye too. They are all like crazed stalkers. They need to get lost.

  15. Well me and wifey got tickets during the pre-sale. Those tickets didn’t last long either. I think it’s safe to say Billboard has it right.

  16. People who don’t like Beyonce/Jay Z will continue to think this tour is a flop because they need something to help them get through their miserable lives. I say f-ck them and just get your money while you can Jayonce. Make it so not only does Blue never have to work a day in her life, but their will her kids or her kids’ kids.

  17. The final numbers will show the tour was successful. I think Jay and Bey are trying to officially cross over into billionaire territory. That’s the only reason I can come up with why they work so hard.

  18. Who else can make this much in less than one month though? That in itself should be respected. I’m not a fan of either but I won’t knock a black couple out here trying to make that money and make sure their family is straight. That’s admirable.

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