Rihanna Loves Not Having a Man

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Pop star Rihanna has the kind of career most of her peers can only dream of, and she appears to have it all as she remains one of the “It” girls of today’s music industry. However, one area of her life her fans have seen her have many ups and downs is her love life. And that’s actually a common issue any young woman may have regardless of fame and fortune until they meet the right person to settle down with.

After failed romantic reunions with exes Drake and Chris Brown, Rihanna is single once again but she’s not salty about being back on the market at all.

In fact, she tells German magazine Bravo that she prefers it. Rihanna says:

“When I go on a date, I look the guy over, from head to toe. But to be honest, I don’t want a serious relationship right now. I just want to have fun!”


    1. Nothing at all. It’s best to content with it so you won’t end up in an unhealthy relationship anyway.

  1. I just want her to make sure she doesn’t go back to Drake or Chris. She needs a fresh start when she is ready to be in a relationship again.

  2. Luckily Rihanna isn’t one of those annoying women who believes having a man or a husband validates her as a woman. Thank goodness.

    1. You can’t be that delusional that you think Rihanna can’t have a man when she’s good and ready. I’m starting to think misery and jealousy eats at brain cells.

  3. She seems like the type that has fun with the single life. Shid why not? She’s young and has plenty of money. Live it up while you can.

  4. Boy I’m I glad she finally decided to let go of that relationship with Chris Brown, if you want to call it that.Drake and Chris are young punks still looking for holes to fill.I think the relationship with brown really damaged her self esteem and she’s trying to get back fully being who she is.I really admire the fact that she put herself out there know the negative backlash she might get, live your life gurl!!

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