Is This the Real Reason Aaliyah’s Family Doesn’t Support the Upcoming Biopic?

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we reported recently, Aaliyah’s family members have confirmed to the press that they do not support the upcoming Lifetime biopic about the singer and they are even urging fans to protest it. But now whispers suggest the real reason the family isn’t backing it may be because the network plans to focus on her alleged marriage to R Kelly.

The New York Post writes:

Executive producer Debra Martin Chase told us, “Aaliyah’s personal and professional relationship with R. Kelly will be explored with care in the film as we set out to depict her life with the utmost respect. Above all else, it’s our hope to inspire an entirely new generation with her music and larger-than-life talent.”


  1. Whether Aaliyah’s family likes it or not, her relationship with R Kelly was a huge part of her life and it’s something people want to see in the biopic. I don’t understand why all these years later they keep trying to sweep it under the rug like it never happened.

    1. Umm if you was a legend and died and you was 14 having sex with a 27 year old man do you really think your family want that to be rembered of you? DONT THINK SO HAVE SOME RESPECT!! it’s so disrespectful they are not sweeping nothing under the rug that’s personal and should not be exposed they have the right people so bent on entertainment it’s ridiculous R kelly was sleeping with a dawn child what’s good in that?

      1. Umm actually, by not telling the truth they aren’t protecting Aaliyah (the victim), they are protecting R Kelly. And he has since gone on to hurt more little girls. Is that the message we’re still trying to send victims? Be ashamed and never tell so more victims can be born? Really? I’m actually sickened by your response.

        And lastly, it’s not even a secret. Everyone knows it happened and the media knows. It was all on TV and the radio. So trying to pretend it didn’t happen is stupid and impossible. It’s out there and has been out there. Biopics aren’t supposed to only show the good, the bad is necessary too.

        1. It’s between them and her FAMILY NOT THE WORLD A BIG DIFFERENCE if it’s that important take up a recent case instead of Aliyah’s she’s not here her family knows the truth it’s not up to the world to feel secure knowing what happen between them to I wouldn’t want to know of a child married a grown man we don’t know the truth some things you still won’t know same thing with bey family and the TLC story and OJ there’s so many stories and yet we as the world still don’t know what really happen

          1. Is bringing up Beyonce’s name in this conversation supposed to do something? Again, Aaliyah’s marriage to R Kelly was public record and annulled. It was confirmed by the media when I was in middle school and it’s not a secret. I remember the local news and radio stations confirming it. So yes, it should be in the biopic and it will be. That is what a biopic is. It tells your personal story, including the ups and downs. People want to see how you were able to overcome trials and tribulations. Don’t like it? Well she doesn’t have to have a biopic, right? #shrugs

        1. Your straight up CRAZY IF YOU THINK THAT SERIOUSLY you still listen to Michael Jackson and r kelly after so pleases stop ITS NOT YOUR BUSINESS WHAT HAPPEN HER FAMILY HAVE BEEN SILENT BOUT THIS FOR YEARS HELL ALIYAH WAS 21 years old she could have told her story but she didn’t because some things people don’t want out the point is ITS NOT YOUR BUSINESS JUST BECAUSE THE MEDIA TALKS ABOUT IT DONT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO SAY I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPEN TELL ME it don’t work that way

          1. Girl, is typing in caps supposed to scare me? And how do you know who I listen to, ma’am? Receipts? Oh that’s right, you don’t have any. Oh but there are actually receipts about Aaliyah’s marriage to R Kelly though and I’m sure Lifetime will use past articles and court records to make sure the biopic is right. And now I might actually watch. *smirks*

        2. LOL thank you. I was puzzled when I read it the first time. It’s sad some people still believe child molestation should be swept under a rug. No wonder R Kelly has had so many victims. There’s a lot of adults protecting him and demanding it be swept under the rug.

          1. Nah, I’m good and doing very well without your blessings. You can keep them dear. Don’t need em. 🙂

          2. Giggles it was not for you to have a attitude it was a discussing trying to get a point across but I forget some people feel and see what they want so no ill feelings I’m better than that that’s why I said bless your heart it was a ok forget it and no I’ll feelings I can’t fuss with you online it’s pointless rather they come out with the movie or not it’s not putting money in my pocket or yours so it’s done your another person I’m supposed to love you as my father said <3

          3. @Letmelove Attitude? Nope. You’d have to be important to me to get that kind of reaction. I think you have me confused with someone else on here. See, I don’t care what you think of me because you don’t even know me. So I don’t need your blessings, at all. And I especially don’t care for people who only bring up God and hand out “blessings” when they don’t like someone’s different opinion on here. It’s shade covered up in the form of religion. Your “blessings” aren’t even authentic and I don’t need em. So again, keep them dear. Good day. 🙂

          4. I never said I didn’t like your opinion you just didn’t get mine but toddles

            I will exit post now

  2. Wow I just said I didn’t want to watch if they didn’t include the R Kelly relationship in it. Well, well, well….

  3. This could very well be part of the reason but I think it is more of lifetime not consulting the family and them not having a say in the film more than anything. Look how they shut down Drake when he was trying to just do an Aaliyah album that’s why I’m not really convinced of this excuse.

  4. This changes things for a lot of people. I really thought they wouldn’t cover the R Kelly marriage. This movie just got interesting.

  5. I can guarantee you if Aaliyah’s family had creative control over a movie on her life the R Kelly thing would not be in the film. Let’s just keep it 100. They don’t want Aaliyah’s real story being told. But I do think they also don’t want her having a TV movie because in their minds she’s too big of a star for that, and it’s also about money too I think. I do think this is just ONE of the reasons they are against this movie.

  6. This is purely a business move for Lifetime. They know everyone wants to see what happened with R Kelly.

  7. Yeah I think it’s one of the reasons. It’s stupid though because everyone knows it happened. They can’t omit that out of her movie even if they wanted to because it makes the whole film look fraudulent. I was like in middle school but I remember them talking about it all over the radio.

  8. Aaliyah’s family is doing too much. I think this is really about money and yes they don’t want Aaliyah’s past with R Kelly to be in any movie dedicated to her life. And it’s annoying because everyone knows it happened! Why are they pretending it didn’t? If you’re going to do a movie on anyone’s life, you have to include the bad parts too.

  9. So her parents knew she married R Kelly at the time? I was young back then so I don’t know much about all of this. I just find it weird she married him when she was like 15 and her parents didn’t call the police or anything on Kellz. What gives?

    1. I would think a 15 year old can’t get legally married until they had permission from their parents in most states right? So I do think her parents knew. But the marriage was annulled because the media found out and pointed out how sick it was. R Kelly was damn near 30 when he married Aaliyah.

      1. From what I read years ago she lied and said she was 18 so that she wouldn’t need her parents permission and when the ish hit the fan the marriage was annulled becasue she she lied about her age to get the marriage license…but honestly we might never know the the truth about what all her parents knew or didnt know because they can’t talk about it because of a settlement they got from R.Kelly, he can’t talk about it and Aaliyah isn’t here to talk about it.

  10. Nothing wrong with a life time movie. the girl was not a global superstar as some are trying to portray her to be since she died. she was big in the Urban community,but that was it. could she crossover? maybe,but we would never know. i don’t even think she ever done a world tour on her own. her family should be lucky people are still interested . they just was to good side to come out. I want the R. Kelly the Jay Z and Damion Dash story. I wonder if their were any golden shower? that would be good for ratings

  11. Lifetime is asking for trouble. Because not only is Aaliyah’s family going to come for them for putting this in the movie but so is R Kelly. Some music journo did a piece on him a few months ago and they found out he settled all these lawsuits with all the underage girls he slept with so they couldn’t legally speak on what he did to them. He may have had the same kind of settlement with Aaliyah because she NEVER spoke on the marriage. R Kelly may end up suing Lifetime.

    1. You’re right. R Kelly’s lawyer will shut that down real quick. I think this movie will end up getting scrapped.

    2. Yeah I heard Aaliyah did get a settlement and the terms were she and her family can’t ever discuss what happened.

  12. And this Zendaya chick claims to be a huge fan of Aaliyah? Girl please. A real fan would have nothing to do with this movie. Smh.

  13. her family needs to gtf over it.her marriage isnt a secret and never has been so why cant it be brought up? anyways….r kelly gona want this sh-t in the closet lol

  14. if a big hollywood producer wanted to make a movie there would be no problem.theyre tripping over the fact that they wont make (much) money off of this project if it comes out.they need to cut the sh-t.

  15. Sounds about right. Aaliyah’s family does not want that being brought up in the movie. It is the one scandal no one will ever forget though.

  16. I wish they would just let this go…the family doesn’t want this movie made for whatever reason and that’s their right…I wish Lifetime would just respect their wishes. It’s too much drama, from the choice of actress that won the role, to the family suing, to if the issue if her music can even be used since her estate owns her music and will not give the green light…ugghh just let it go! Any biopic that does not have the family’s blessing should not be done..IMO

  17. It’s sad people just want to know so they can have something to talk about its sad me being a private person my family went through this and people was coming out the woodworks adding things to the story and in the end it was all f up so yes when you have been through this molestation my family had tried to hide my sis story from the public eye but people begged them to tell then when they did LIES was thrown up and the person got off because of it so we all know what lifetime is about and to take something so precious and turn it into money is devastating if you understand where I’m coming from then you get the point the woman is dead you don’t want your baby to be represented as this foolishness Aliyah know the real story she not here to tell if let her rest bless that family

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