Aaliyah Biopic Producers Respond to Social Media Criticism

Photo Credit: Mika-Photography
Photo Credit: Mika-Photography

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We’re not sure if you caught Lifetime’s controversial Aaliyah biopic last night, but it’s pretty obvious most weren’t feeling the film since it got dragged something terrible on social media.

Although many of the memes about the biopic’s shady casting were hilarious, producers aren’t laughing and they addressed the criticism.

Debra Martin Chase tells the Washington Post:

“Biopics are hard. People have an opinion and social media allows them to voice that opinion. But at the end of the day, our goal was to make the best movie possible.”​


Did you catch the biopic? What are your thoughts?


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  1. I didn’t see it because I had already made up my mind I wasn’t supporting that BS obviously I made a good decision because social media was going in on them last night. My friend said it was so terrible she thought it was a joke.

  2. The actress didn’t do a good job in representing Aaliyah, there was something about Aaliyah, this girl didn’t have…she couldn’t act or dance. This movie didn’t do Aaliyah well…the producers had to be in a hurry to make this movie and they did a lousy @ job! R.I.P. Aaliyah (Baby Girl)!

  3. It’ was a typical Lifetime biopic- not well scripted, rushed and questionable casting. Alexandra Shipp isn’t a horrible actress but she’s not Aaliyah, there’s was something about her performance that didnt capture who Aaliyah was. She lacked Aaliyah’s swag and that realy hurt the film. I feel kinda bad for her actually but this was one biopic Lifetime should’ve passed on. I hope Whitneys biopic is a little better.

    1. I don’t think Alexandra Shipp did a bad job for what her script was. What I noticed is that all of the music scenes was not of Aaliyah’s music. The reason is because they could not get the clearance to get them on the show. Also, Aaliyah is a one of a kind. She is dead and other than video’s, you really did not see a lot of Aaliyah on television besides the few movies she did. The people closest to her as hang buddies were either killed in the crash or was reluctant to relive the moments leading up to her death. I personally do not think that it was ready for a movie just yet because they did not have a lot to work with and it looked like the meat of Aaliyah was preserved to save face with family and friends. This is my speculation but I’m sure that there is more to it as well. For the cast, I thought was hilarious because they did not come close to the people important in her life. Wendy did a horrible job there. Alexandra Shipp, came close in the looks but the rest…a big NO!

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