Tameka Raymond is Nervous About New Reality Show

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you several months ago that Tameka Raymond would be appearing on the Atlanta spinoff to “Hollywood Exes,” and it hasn’t been an easy ride for Usher’s ex-wife.

Not only did she almost quit “Atlanta Exes,” but she’s been allegedly beefing with Kevin Hart’s ex-wife so badly during filming that she’s reportedly questioned if the show would only hurt her image more.

In a recent interview with Madame Noire, Tameka talks almost quitting and she says cat fights are just too draining:

“I definitely contemplated quitting the show. I never did quit, but I did think about it. I got mad and at the end of the day I don’t want to be involved with asinine or petty arguments, he say-she say, and that kind of stuff. If it seems like we’re having debates over foolishness or something seems silly I try to run from it.”

Tameka also admits she’s very nervous about the show because she understands that editing can completely ruin a person’s image:

“I’m more nervous about how I’ve heard editing can go. You can make a face in one scene and it be applied to something totally different. You can be injected into a scene that you weren’t even at so I am nervous about the editing process, but I do trust out producers from what they told us the show is supposed to be about. I’m hopeful it will go as planned.”

And as far as Usher is concerned, Tameka says he hasn’t said anything as far as she knows about her doing the show and currently there’s no beef between them:

“We’re fine.”


  1. No need to be nervous, there’s nothing she can do on the show that will make people hate her more than they already do.

    1. Lol exactly. People already hate her so she really has nothing to lose. It’s not like she’s going in being well loved.

  2. By now everybody knows what reality tv shows are about especially on vh1. If Tameka isn’t prepared for what reality tv brings she shouldn’t have signed up for the show. I’m glad her and Usher are getting along.

  3. She is probably trying to save face because she knows she was ratchet as hell on her own accord before she shows even premiers.

    She lost a son in the most tragic way. Why is she Subjecting herself to emotional trauma by doing a reality show as ratchet as VH1 shows: She has every capability to get a 9 to 5 job like most single mothers do but she wants to keep up with the Lifestyle that is so unrealistic. Woman u lost custody of your kids, lost your son. Take some time off from the media and handle your business quietly..

  4. Well I’ll be watching. I think Tameka is naturally a messy person and she’s great for TV. Torrei too.

  5. Girl bye. Yes they can edit a scene, but only you give them the footage to choose from. Reality tv now means “I’ll be ratchet for a check or get fired”. If this is the path you choose, then own being a bird. It is what it is *shrugs*

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