Another Woman Claims French Montana is Cheating on Khloe Kardashian

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Khloe Kardashian is hoping her new romance with French Montana could lead them into power couple territory, but the rapper can’t seem to escape scandalous cheating allegations and his estranged wife putting him on blast.

Just weeks after one woman accused him of trying to hook up with her on the set of a music video, another woman is now making similar accusations.

Mariela, an intern for “Matty in the Morning,” tells Boston radio station KISS 108 that French actually invited her to his tour bus just minutes after meeting her backstage at one of his shows after she asked for an interview. Apparently things allegedly went left not too long after she made her way on the bus:

“He says … ‘Whenever you want to visit me in New York, I’ll fly you out there. He climbs on top of me. I say, ‘I’m not about this life. I have morals. I have a lot to lose.’ He says, ‘I have a lot to lose, too. You know that I have a girlfriend!

“He wouldn’t get off me. I had to double push.”


  1. Well this isn’t surprising any man who would leave his wife and kid would cheat on his girlfriend without a blink of an eye. I honestly don’t think Khloe cares they both are just using each other.

  2. And she will still cling on for dear life because options for the Kardashians women are lower these days. It is hilarious that the best Kim can do now is Kanye and the best Khloe can do is French Montana. They really are falling off.

    1. They just kicking it and having fun. I don’t know about PR stunt, but it’s not serious IMO. Just something to past the time. LOL She with him in the BX now.

  3. French doesn’t give a damn about Khloe. He just wants to use her to stretch out his 15 minutes of fame. He’s a terrible rapper too.

  4. And what is so attractive about him? He has no waist , has a flat a-s like it has just been ironed and yet he still sagging!

  5. You know this is just a rebound. Khloe not serious. Just something to do while in NYC. When she heads back to Cali it will be over.

  6. lmao i dont know about this lady story her wording sounds really fake but i dont put it past him that he’d cheat

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