Kandi Burruss Sets the Record Straight

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kandi Burruss caught a lot of backlash on social media after it was revealed on her wedding special that Todd didn’t like the terms of the prenup and many felt Kandi’s terms were too harsh.

Although the RHOA star defended the prenup on Twitter, she’s talking more about it in her recent interview with The Grio. And Kandi says she’s only trying to protect the things she came into the marriage with:

“I feel like we should work together to make money together. The things that I’m trying to protect are the things that I had going into the marriage, meaning: Bedroom Kandi, my music, my stores, my properties and different things that I had going into the marriage.”

And Kandi says nothing terrifies her more than the possibility of having to fork over spousal support if the marriage does crumble:

“I’m not paying spousal support, oh no. I’m seeing too much going on right now. Halle Berry’s paying $20,000 a month in child support, and then poor Sherri, she had a pre-nup and now he’s coming after her. They’ve only been married a few years. Are you kidding me?”


  1. I feel that she really doesn’t owe anyone an explanation in regards to her prenup. That is between her man and herself.

  2. its crazy that people are so concerned.she has the right to protect what she earned BEFORE meeting and marrying that man.and whats even more ridiculous is had she not thought of a prenup then people would be calling her stupid.you cant win with people no matter which way you go.

  3. Kandi cares way too much about what people think. Who cares what people think about her pre-nup? They ain’t the one married to Todd. He signed it and now they are married. So what’s the problem?

  4. The same people dragging her about this were the same ones saying she’d be stupid not to get a pre-nup before they got married.

    1. And the same ones calling her worse for not having a written contract with Kim Z. Look how that verbal agreement turned out! ‘Nuff said!!!

  5. Harry Berry is paying $20,000 in child support because by law she is supposed so she shouldn’t even use her as an example because there are men out there paying hefty child support and I don’t see anyone complaining about it. I’m a woman and this annoys the hell out of me…. She should just hush!!

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