Lauren London Responds to Pregnancy Rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lauren London pregnant? As we reported recently, actress Lauren London is currently dating rapper Nipsey Hussle and things are really getting serious between them. But just like any celebrity couple, they are now seeing firsthand that even a low-key romance can become the target of the gossip blogs.

The other day Media Take Out claimed that Lauren is actually pregnant by Nipsey, but the actress took to her Twitter account to shut down the gossip.

She tweets:

lauren london pregnant


      1. She loves thugs. I follow her on IG and all she really posts is pictures of Tupac and herself in fitted hats all day. It’s weird. lol.

  1. She is one of the prettiest celebs to me just naturally beautiful she is truly gorgeous. I am glad she isn’t pregnant I still haven’t gotten over her getting pregnant by Wayne.

  2. Good! I was about to be so disappointed. I think this guy has too much baggage for Lauren to get too serious with.

  3. nipsey hussle is a solid guy, he takes great care of the daughter he has now, he has a documentary on fatherhood, he’s extremely intelligent, well spoken and informed about our people and our struggle and what true progress for a young man should be, tattooes and lyrics don’t make a man, people fear what they don’t understand, he owns multiple businesses in california and he’s highly touted in terms of the music he makes. It’s motivational and honest. and not just ignorant and materialistic innuendos.

    1. Lyrics from “Rose Clique” by Nispey Hussle

      I’m the sh-t n-gga, All that

      They call me young nip c note rose clique
      Talking to my girl while your b-tch give me deep throat
      Shooting at the world dogg cause life is just a free throw
      Shopping on rodeo in some dickies that’s my stee-lo
      Played out p-ssy please don’t offer me no
      If sex was a weapon she could not kill my mosquito
      Little mama lost her grip pastrami around her pee hole
      got too many miles baby that’s a repo
      Shorty’s in denial really trying to f-ck with me though
      I’m way out your league so please excuse my ego
      Diamonds in my cuban link my rolex presidential
      Penthouses and beach homes perrier and patron
      Told you way before about this baller sh-t I be on
      Young Nipsey Hu$$le ain’t some sh-t that you should sleep on


  4. Well in her defense he’s cute and sexy in that “thug from California” type of way lmao. She always said she liked thugs……but she was much younger than being almost 30 and becoming baby moms # w/e for lil Wayne u would think her taste in men would change for the betta but oh well..good for her

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