Lauren London Says Wendy Osefo & Mia Thornton Were Both Wrong & Aggressive in Miami

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The current season of RHOP has been a hot topic on social media.

Real Housewives of Potomac” is having another controversial season. As we reported, Mia Thornton assaulted Wendy Osefo while the women were on a girls’ trip in Miami. Mia was offended on Peter Thomas’ behalf. The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” husband said a potential business deal with Wendy didn’t work out. He claimed Wendy wanted to collaborate on opening up a Nigerian lounge. However, Eddie Osefo wasn’t confident that she could take on the venture just yet. So Peter holds her responsible for the project not moving forward. And he took it as a slight that Wendy didn’t reach out to him about coming to Miami.

When Mia confronted Wendy about this, she told Wendy that Peter is a friend of hers and Gordon Thronton. So she didn’t like how Wendy handled things. The night ended with Mia tossing her purse and drink in Wendy’s direction.

Lauren London said Mia Thornton and Wendy Osefo were both at fault regarding their Miami blowup.

Interestingly enough, the other RHOP cast members had some interesting opinions about the situation. Candiace Dillard Bassett and Ashley Darby think Mia is completely at fault. And they feel that Mia should have been able to handle Wendy with her words alone.

Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon have different takes. They faulted Wendy for what happened that night. Robyn even said that Wendy “antagonized” Mia.

As for Karen Huger, she said Mia and Wendy were both wrong.

Well, actress Lauren London was asked her opinions about some of the drama that has taken place on the current season of “Real Housewives of Potomac.” She recently appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” along with Candiace.

Andy Cohen asked Lauren, “Do you believe there’s any truth to the tea Charrisse (Jackson-Jordan) has been spilling about Karen?”

Lauren answered, “Yikes. I would hope not for Karen’s sake. Again, I don’t know these women so I don’t think Charrisse is someone that’s just grabbing out of…”

Andy interjected, “Nowhere?” Lauren responded, “Right.”

Andy followed up with, “Thoughts on Charrisse’s return? Is she the real Grande Dame of Potomac?” Lauren answered, “I love Charrisse and I was happy to see her only because I started the show and she was one of the main…So I love to see her back.”

Wendy and Mia’s altercation is brought up.

Andy asked, “Whose side were you on during the heated Miami fight? Wendy or Mia?” Lauren answered, “You know what? I think both should be accountable for antagonizing and being aggressive. So really none.”

Lauren also revealed that Robyn is one of her favorites.

Andy inquired, “What do you think of Robyn kind of waking up this season and being quicker to confront people?”

Lauren then said, “Robyn is one of my favorites. And I really like how she approaches things. So I’m with that.”

To no surprise, RHOP fans had some strong reactions to some of Lauren’s answers on social media. Check out the clip below.


  1. She entitled to her dusty a-s opinions. But approving Gizelle’s awful fashion sense and saying Robyn is one of her faves is why I won’t take anything she said seriously. She tried to be neutral/diplomatic and failed. And she clearly doesn’t watch this show like that.

    1. I, 1000% Agree with you Ms Jackson!

      I like Lauren London but most of her take on HWOP was totally off for me. And, Wendy by no means antagonized Mia to get a drink thrown on her and then a purse. Mia should have been dismissed onsite. Andy Cohen is not going to stop this from happening until something major happens. It seems to be going in that direction. If and when it happens, I hope it’s captured on camera and I hope the person/s survive it and then sue the h-ll out of Andy Cohen and Bravo. Enough is enough! Just because we’re black and/or women doesn’t mean that all we want to see is violence.

      Laura London, please keep your future opinions to yourself. The world liked Nipsey Hustle but you’re another light skinned woman in Hollywood with an expiration date. Choose your words wisely.

        1. You’re another Lauren London who doesn’t actually watch the show and only clips because Mia definitely started it. FOH!

    2. I don’t think she watches the show either and if she agrees with the wrongness of of how some of those ladies act then she must be a mean girl herself

  2. Are we supposed to be surprised that a light skin, biracial woman is both sides-ing this? And she looks exactly like I expect most of Gizelle and Robyn’s fans to look like. A lot of them are nonblack and light skin. This is why we won’t stop pointing out the colorism.

  3. Lauren receives a lot of grace because Nipsey was killed. Nipsey receives a lot of grace because he’s no longer here. But if you’ve been following both, you already know their histories of being problematic people. So I’m not surprised by any of Lauren’s answers.

    1. A word. I will say it’s interesting how people try to make saints out of flawed people just because they passed away. I don’t know who Lauren’s publicist is, but they did her a huge disservice booking her for WWHL.

  4. Also, Wendy didn’t become “aggressive” until she was touched. Anyone in their right mind would be angry and talking lots of sh-t after someone put their hands on you. I told y’all I didn’t see the colorism angle for a minute but it’s hard to deny now.

  5. Wendy isn’t perfect (she doesn’t have to be) but it’s really disheartening to see people struggle to just say what was done to her was wrong. I am so uncomfortable watching light skin women label her aggressive as if Robyn isn’t sitting right there. She’s the most aggressive cast member but no one ever calls her aggressive.

  6. Robyn is just so dry so I don’t understand how she can be anyone’s favorite. A stronger argument is made to like Karen or Gizelle because they actually have interesting personalities. As far as the Wendy/Mia comment, I was fine until she said they were both aggressive. Mia was the aggressor that night. I think Lauren’s fondness for Robyn is keeping her from keeping it 100.

  7. What show is Lauren watching? To say Wendy is to partially to blame is ridiculous. She verbally defended herself. Robyn a favorite? Very interesting 🙄the same Robyn who video tapped the argument and kept saying fight, just fight.

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