Tiny and T.I. Working on Marriage?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night the annual BET Awards went down, and plenty of celebrities came out in full force to bask in the red carpet festivities. For months now T.I. and Tiny’s marital problems have been an ongoing topic on the blogs, and both have made it clear they are going through some rocky times on their social media accounts.

Although it’s being reported they didn’t arrive together on the red carpet, the troubled couple did sit together during the awards show and the photos have been spreading like wildfire:

t.i. and tiny sitting together bet awards main

Does this mean there may still be hope for T.I. and Tiny?


  1. Nope. I think they were just trying to keep up appearances because the same company (Viacom) who owns VH1 owns BET. Most likely they sat together for contract reasons.

  2. They don’t even have on their wedding rings. Yeah they are still on the rocks. They probably only sat together because of their reality show and VH1 made them.

  3. I wish but no UB. I think they are done but they have to keep up their appearances while the show is still on the air.

  4. I have nothing else to think than all that drama is just a publicity stunt..

      1. I’m not even into bad boys or skinny men but August makes me wanna spray myself with a gallon of cold water.. I don’t know what it is but that boy is fine! His voice is something else…

  5. Well I hope they work it out. But I just need to vent for a second I’m pissed as hell for watching that trash of a show waiting to see Bey and Jay just to get a glorified youtube performance. I can’t stand BET!!!

    1. I knew BET was going to do that. Please believe if Bey and Jay were in the audience, they will make sure to get the camera on them all throughout the show. So I knew it would just be a video. BET was wrong for that though.

    2. BET just wanted to use their names to make people tune in from start to finish. The Carters are on tour and they didn’t have time to be there. But you know BET will do anything for ratings.

      1. I agree, this is the same thing I’ve been telling people all morning. People should’ve known better since they are touring so no need to be mad.

    3. I was pissed off too. I will never believe those bastards again. If no one can confirm they are in the audience I won’t watch.

  6. I think it’s them trying to look normal for the sake of their reality show. They will not divorce while that show is still on the air.

    1. Yeah but I think the damage is already done. It’s hard to watch the show now knowing how many issues they really have when the cameras aren’t rolling.

  7. IDK y’all it may be real because she curved Floyd on the red carpet last night! I wish I knew how to post videos on here…

    1. Yeah I just saw that. But she could be mad at Floyd for all those names her called her. Remember he did call her a b-tch.

      1. This. And I don’t think they are working anything out yet. They have to appear together as long as they have that reality show.

  8. Work it out for what? He’s still messing around with other women. So I think this was just business as usual.

  9. They are faking it. A new season of their reality show starts in August. They aren’t about to let their drama cut into their pockets.

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