Christina Milian & Lil Wayne Tea

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It was confirmed by Christina Milian’s camp recently that her engagement to Jas Prince is officially over, but the rumor mill is suggesting Christina may have a budding romance with Lil Wayne that actually caused her split from Jas.

Interestingly enough, Christina hopped on Instagram and claimed it was actually Jas Prince’s cheating ways that caused their split but she didn’t help rumors any when she was spotted leaving a nightclub amid the BET Awards weekend with Lil Wayne in the wee hours of the morning:

In other news, some folks are claiming Jas Prince isn’t taking the whole thing well. According to rumors, Jas is allegedly responsible for why Lil Wayne was a no show to Houston during Drake’s Houston Appreciation weekend recently. Lil Wayne was supposed to perform but never showed up and some reports are claiming it’s because he learned Jas asked some goons to handle him if he showed up.

Stob Media reports:

When Drake kicked off Houston’s appreciation weekend, Wayne was supposed to make an appearance, but he was a no show.

Allegedly, Lil Wayne’s absence has a whole lot to do with rap mogul Jas Prince, and his current girlfriend Christina Milian, who has allegedly been having inappropriate contact with Wayne.

This set in motion rumors throughout the city that Jas Prince placed a “bounty” on Wayne’s head, offering up $20k to any of his Houston goons who spot the “D’usse” rapper in the city and deliver the fade.


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    1. I was too but then I remembered that she has an extensive past doing this kind of stuff. The Dream is annoying but he told no lies about her. She dates for career reasons. The ironic thing is the men know this about her so they don’t do anything to help her career.

  1. Lil Wayne’s gremlin powers must be hella intense, ’cause I don’t see how he does it. And I don’t see WHY the females he’s linked to does it… This video doesn’t help her case at all.

  2. Well Christina is just doing what she does best. Latch herself on to a rich man and gold dig with the best of em.

  3. She makes the worst choices in men. I don’t know a lot about Jas but he seemed good around her daughter. Her and Lauren London are cut from the same clothe…Beauty with no brains..

  4. Eww. Lil Wayne is a total downgrade. He’s a big time slut who likes to have babies with women he doesn’t intend to marry. Get it together Christina.

  5. I was trying to defend her because everyone was saying she can’t keep a man but this is such a bad look. You just got out of an engagement and you’re already officially a part of Lil Wayne’s harem? Really? Smh…

  6. So I guess the rumors are true. Christina is pathetic she always gets with guys looking for a come up but she never makes the come up. We will see if Wayne about that life because J.Prince and that crew are real thugs.

  7. If you’re going to f-ck for tracks, at least do that sh-t right! Christina stay chasing industry d-ck and she’s still a flop! FAIL!

  8. He’s going to dog her out like he has the others. And wasn’t he supposed to be so in love with that Dhea girl too? LOL. Typical.

  9. LMBO! I’m here for all the foolishness that is about to go down. Christina is going to wish she never gave Weezy access to her vag!

  10. Christina is another beautiful woman who would rather date losers with big bank accounts than actually put in the work required to make her career thrive. She’s just lazy and her lady parts have a lot a miles on them now because she hates hard work.

  11. She’s going to really have her hands full with Weezy. He’s a Libra and gets bored very fast.

  12. I don’t know what went on between her and Jas Prince, but anytime a man treats your child like his own, he’s a keeper, in my opinion. Unless, he did something that can’t be forgiven. But from Jas Prince to Lil Wayne? Talk about a downgrade.

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