T.I. Says Azealia Banks is Ruining Her Own Career

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

T.I. and Azealia Banks made headlines when they got into a nasty beef over Tiny Harris’ looks, but many feel Azealia is engaging into way too many beefs and it’s taking the focus off her aspiring rap career.

Interestingly enough, T.I. now says he feels Azealia’s need to keep coming for other artists is hurting her career. He tells MTV:

“It’s just like when you see a person out in the middle fo the ocean driving. They have no real strategy, no real application of skill to get them through this situation…until they eventually drown.”


  1. T.I. is speaking the truth. Yea it’s all good until your dumb a-s is still being a twitter troll 10 years from now and still no music.

  2. N-gga shut up and work on your damn marriage. You got a lot to say about everything except that.

  3. He’s right but umm I think he needs to worry about his own issues. I mean his marriage is just about done and they do have a whole reality show based on it.

  4. I’m mad he cosigned the white, knock off Nicki Minaj! I’ll never forgive him for that ish.

  5. Although he’s annoyed me with the Tiny situation, I agree completely with everything he said.

  6. I agree with TI. I literally learned who this Azealia was from UB articles. I googled her music and wasn’t impressed. If she can back up the ish she’s talking with record sales or even radio play then maybe she would have a leg to stand on… Say what you want about Nicki and Iggy but you can’t turn the radio on without hearing ‘Fancy’ or ‘Pills and Potion’. What’s Azealia Banks latest a hit? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

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