Bobbi Kristina Apologizes for Angela Bassett Diss?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we reported recently, Bobbi Kristina made headlines weeks ago for ranting on Twitter after it was confirmed that actress Angela Bassett was putting together a Lifetime biopic on Whitney Houston, and Bobbi expressed that she believed she was the only one who could portray her mother on the small screen accurately.

However, Angela Bassett said she didn’t feel Bobbi was an actress, and that resulted in Bobbi dragging her on Twitter and suggesting the legendary actress looks like a man.

Of course those tweets led to Bobbi Kristina getting dragged herself something serious on Twitter, and she’s now apologizing for offending people and coming sideways at Angela Bassett. She tweets:

bobbi kristina twitter

Interestingly enough, hours later she once again made it clear Angela had it coming because she feels the actress should have never made the remarks to begin with (read tweets from top to bottom):

whitney houston fan twitter

bobbi kristina twitter 2


  1. The damage has already been done. You don’t come for legends when you’re trying to get on. Bobbi has now shown everyone that she is a self entitled brat who lacks respect for those who have accomplished what she wishes she could.

  2. Umm this is an apology? It doesn’t seem like she feels what she said was wrong at all. You can’t apologize in one tweet and then in the next say the other person started it. smh

  3. Sorry to late she is only saying she is sorry cause everyone dragged her a-s on social media. She needs to understand she is not her mother, and get help for her drug problem. People may forgive her but they will not forget. Nobody wants to work with her because of her actions.

  4. She will only win at life when she gets off the drugs and kicks that Nick boy to the curve. She needs help and she has a lot of growing up to do.

  5. She can take this apology and shove it because it isn’t sincere. I love Whitney but her and Bobbi really failed as parents. Bobbi Kris is nothing more than a spoiled little ingrate who will unfortunately be humbled through life mistakes.

  6. She is so disrespectful. The problem with people nowadays is that they can’t take the truth. No one was coming for her. Just because Tyler Perry let her appear on an episode of one of his shows does not make her an accomplished actress.

  7. I don’t think she would have apologized if she didn’t get dragged as bad as she did. I was on Twitter and they were going in on her so bad. She just didn’t understand you cannot ever come for Angela Bassett. Black Twitter will drag you if you come for our legends.

  8. I don’t think people are going to let this one slide. Angela Bassett is one of the best actresses of all time and she really deserved a few Oscars already and was robbed! I think people in Bobbi’s generation just cannot handle criticism, and they think everyone is just trying to shade them when that is not even the case. Now she’s out here looking stupid.

  9. Shes a nasty piece of work that needs to humble herself quickly. Shes only known because of her parents and she hasn’t earned anything and with this attitude she never will. People understand what she puts out and whats she’s putting out is that she a brat who thinks off the strength of her mother she deserves things she didnt work for/earn and has a nasty attitude when things don’t go her way and needs to leave whatever it is she’s on alone

  10. Bobbi Kris is a perfect example of why you should never spoil your kids. They grow up and become self entitled monsters who don’t think they need to work for anything.

  11. Basically she doesn’t really think she was wrong but she’s apologizing because so many people went off on her. Got it.

  12. The child just needs to grow up. No one is going to just hand her anything because Whitney is her mom.

  13. So, you expect someone to pull you aside when you’ve publicly addressed (and disrespected) them? Furthermore, Angela was responding to interview questions. She didn’t say anything rude or untrue. Bobbi Kris’ feelings were just hurt and she lashed out. Period.

    In other news. While she’s worried about portraying her mother on the small screen, she needs to be more concerned with the fact that she’s portraying Whitney (in her later years of course) in real life. It won’t end well unless she has a come-to-Jesus-meeting and gets herself on track….’cause right now, self-destruction awaits her and she’s too prideful and stubborn to see it.

  14. This was a weak apology. Anyway, I hope Bobbi wakes up one day and sees the error in her ways. It’s going to be hard to do that when she already has “stans” who are egging her on to be a loser in life though.

  15. Girl bye, that’s not an apology, it’s disrespectful to even call it one. That’s more of her backtracking her comments because she couldn’t handle the backlash. She was wrong, and still is wrong, period.

  16. Whitney was an amazing talent and Bobby did his thing when he was at the height of his career. But it honestly doesn’t surprise me that BK is behaving the way that she is now. With both parents on drugs during her most formative years, they obviously skipped a few very valuable parenting chapters. Namely, respecting your elders and learning how to humble yourself.

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