Mya Fires Back at Jay Z Rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ever since ElevatorGate, the once mysterious celebrity couple which consists of Jay Z and Beyonce has now become the favorite target of the tabloids and gossip lovers. Frankly put, no one really had any tea beforehand, now everyone claims to know every detail of the power couple’s marriage.

Interestingly enough, the media is also having a field day over Beyonce “changing” the lyrics to “Resentment” for the On the Run tour. Apparently folks think Beyonce changing the lyric from “Been riding with you for 6 years” to “12 years” is solid proof that Jay Z is currently cheating on Beyonce.

And it also doesn’t help that R&B singer Mya was even linked to all the gossip. A new report is claiming Jay Z has been creeping with Mya for years and he’s the reason she hasn’t gone broke despite her music career going cold.

However, Mya is clapping back at the gossip and when a follower asked her on Instagram if she’s really Jay Z’s side chick, she responded with the following (screenshot obtained by All West Everything):

mya fires back


  1. I knew it was bullish-t when I read it. Nobody has any real tea on Jay Z and Beyonce. All these blogs and sh-t just write anything and throw it at the wall and see what sticks. Damn let them be. People can’t stand to see a black couple doing their thing.

  2. The media builds up black celebrities just to tear them down. Why don’t I see all these rumors and things on Brad and Angelina? Oh wait, that’s too easy.

  3. It’s good to know she has some sense. You should never be a side chick to any man or sleep with married men. A real woman wants more for herself.

  4. Until someone actually has some damn receipts that prove Jay Z is cheating, they can miss me with the bullish-t. Anyone can make up a rumor with no proof, I’m over it.

  5. Another day, another rumor about a couple no one really has any real dirt on so they make it up for page views. Can’t hurt when they have a tour though right? All press is good press I guess.

  6. I think Mya did date him back in the day but I just couldn’t see him still messing around with her now. It just didn’t seem plausible. I’m glad she cleared that up.

  7. Damn, it’s like every magazine and wannabe publication now has a person on the payroll devoted to creating fiction about the Carters. SMDH!!!

  8. I do believe he is messing around but not with Mya.. Cheating doesn’t have to be sexual to be called cheating. Anything you do behind your spouse with other women is cheating to me..

  9. Lmao I know Mya was confused as hell when she woke up and saw that lie on all the blogs. Anyway I need her to put out another album. She was my boo when I was in high school!

  10. This is why I think if Jay Z actually really cheated it would be all over CNN and they would have proof because look how far the lies travel without any proof. Just saying.

  11. Chile bye. I don’t even care about these dumb rumors any more. I’m just counting down the days until I see Jay and Bey live! So excited!

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