T.I. & Tiny Back at It

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you recently that it appeared T.I. and Tiny were trying to send a strong message when they sat together at the BET Awards, but many shrugged off the whole thing and labeled it as nothing more than damage control needed to protect their family oriented reality show.

Apparently T.I. and Tiny might have been serious about working things out because the troubled couple actually celebrated the July 4th holiday together.

T.I. posted multiple videos of the fireworks festivities to Instagram and Tiny can be seen in the video enjoying the show too:

Tiny also posted videos of the fireworks action to her Instagram account as well.

Now this is a drastic change from several weeks ago. To refresh your memory, the couple didn’t spend Mother’s Day or Father’s Day together.


    1. Exactly! A lot of their issues are caused by T.I. but Tiny has to take some blame a man will only do what you allow him to do.

  1. Eh, we’ll have to see who long this little truce lasts. I’m not sure I believe them just yet.

  2. I’m all for people working on their marriages but T.I. really needs to make some big changes on how he behaves as a married man. He can’t be out here messing with THOTs and demanding Tiny be loyal to him. You have to treat people the same way you want to be treated.

  3. I still don’t think he will ever be faithful so this won’t be the last time they fight.

  4. Call me a hopeless romantic but I like to see them back together and working it out. Realistically all relationships will have challenges. At least they have decided to deal with them and move forward. Not a lot of people will do that nowadays. People get divorced and refuse to do any work.

    1. I agree. As long as there is no physical violence going on between them, I don’t see how they can’t work it out. Everyone can give their opinion on what they would do but they aren’t in that situation. They need counseling regardless if they work it out or not.

  5. Yeah…they need more people. They were dragging each other on IG just a week or so ago. But more power to them if they are trying to work things out. It couldn’t be me, but to each its own.

  6. I can believe it. Tiny isn’t exactly the strongest woman. Her going back to TI isn’t far fetched at all.

  7. It could be real or just another PR stunt. Either way, they have a lot of issues they need to work through if they are going to stay married to each other.

  8. Tiny is stupid if she takes him back. He has disrespected her way too many times for there to be any more chances given! I don’t understand some women.

  9. I used to love them together. Now I’m disgusted and disturbed by their relationship. TI seems controlling/abusive and Tiny seems very weak. I can only hope that her daughters will make better choices with men than she has. Just because you have been with someone for years doesn’t mean they deserve to mistreat you and still have your loyalty.

  10. Yes they’re back together!! Tinys bday was July 14 and pictures have surfaced of him and her in Belize celebrating!! I guess he put it on her sexually and talk some good lines and sucked her back in!! Poor Tiny once a cheating disrespectful Dog always one!!! He cheats cause he can!!

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