Mendeecees Update

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Yandy Smith’s romance with her fiancé Mendeecees Harris hasn’t been an easy one, especially since he was jailed for federal drug charges not too long after he popped the question.

Mendeecees was released on bond a couple of months ago and reunited with Yandy, but their reunion could be short-lived.

According to new reports, Mendeecees’ brother was just slapped with 5 years in prison for related charges, so it’s not looking too good for Mendeecees.

Fameolous reports:

Everyone is asking about the Mendeecees case and how much time he will get and/or face. Here’s what we know; Mendeecees is due back in federal court in October to plead not guilty to drug trafficking charges.

Mendeecees Harris brother received 5 years in federal prison while Mendeecees ex crime partner Ronald Walker received 10 years. Mendeecees will face 20 years in prison and without cooperation from Mendeecees, he’s looking at 20 years in prison for drug trafficking.

According to local Rochester, New York, newspaper Democrat & Chronicle, Tyrus was hit with a hefty sentence, prompting us to wonder if Mendeecees is next!


  1. He could end up getting time but you never know. Maybe he can strike a deal (snitch) and escape going back.

  2. He definitely getting some time. I just can’t keep thinking these children will be devastated again when he goes to jail again. Yandy and Mendeecees should be ashamed of themselves putting these children through all this.

  3. Mendeecees is cute. Too bad he’s a street dude. Yandy must not have gotten the memo. You smash street dudes but you don’t wife them and have their babies.

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