Mathew Knowles’ Alleged Additional Baby Mama Gets Fed Up

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mathew Knowles was recently slapped with yet another paternity suit, and the young woman, Taqoya Branscomb, is currently under fire because it’s being reported that she was actually a friend to Solange before she started an affair with Mathew.

But there have been several scandalous photos of Taqoya floating around hitting splits in racy tights with her crotch on full display, but Taqoya  is clapping back in a personal statement. She says:

“First I’d like to thank my family, my friends, and the public for their love and support. I have taken the necessary legal action against Mathew Knowles. With that being said… it’s in my best interest for this to remain a private matter for now… Above all I am a mother and my daughter’s well being is my only priority. It was never my intention for this to become a public matter. The pictures you see are in no way a representation of who I am. They were taken 10 years ago… And I am now a hard working successful single mother. Honestly I just want what is best for my daughter.”

Apparently the statement hasn’t done much to keep people from coming at her on social media, so Taqoya has deleted her personal Facebook page.


  1. So basically she got dragged (rightfully so) on FB so she deleted her page. Nope. No sympathy for her.

  2. No one cares about her home wrecker tears. She needed to be dragged for befriending Solo just to sleep with her father. She’s a THOT period.

    1. It take a sperm and a egg to make a baby. She didn’t get herself pregnant. I understand Mathew might not want this little girl, well he has no choice. He should of taught about that before he slept with her. This doesn’t have nothing to do with Beyonce, she’s not the one that has a pay child support.

      1. I’ve already dragged Mathew for being a slut/deadbeat and this woman is a slut too for sleeping with her friend’s married father. Both are hoes and deserve to be dragged. I have no sympathy for either. And please believe none of these women would have let Mathew skeet in them if Beyonce wasn’t his daughter. Trust.

  3. First off she doesn’t have a right to be fed up. What did she expect not only were you sleeping with a married man but one of your friends father. She brought all of this on herself no sympathy.

  4. Girl goodbye. Ten years was not that long ago. I’m sure you’re still the tramp you were when you hooked up with your friend’s dad despite all the time you guys spent hanging together. But don’t count on him paying you a whole lot because he’s broke now.

  5. So she believes in Draya’s theory which is her hoeness can be deleted. Cool. She just needs to hope Solange doesn’t catch her in an elevator anytime soon.

  6. It sounds like Mathew was paying her off quietly and the money train stopped because he’s having money problems. It’s so sad Mathew was such a trifling husband. He hurt his daughters and his ex wife something serious.

  7. Man why would you sleep with your friend’s dad? I know Mathew was a whore (probably still is) but she should have turned him down and told Solange what he was tying to do. That would have been the right thing to do.

    1. Well she was never really Solange’s friend. She was hoping she could just weasel her way into Bey’s pockets and Mathew fell for it. Frankly, doing the right thing was never on her mind.

  8. All these women thought they would get a payday because of who his daughter is. But Bey wasn’t having it. I think it’s one of the real reasons she fired him. She refuses to fund the lifestyles of Mathew’s side hoes.

  9. So she’s worried about her image being ruined because of those pictures spreading around instead of the mere fact that now everyone knows she slept with her friend’s married father most likely for some Beyonce money? SMH.

  10. She better not stop and read UB. The dragging she’s getting on here might make her move states. Lol!

  11. Tina Knowles better thank Baphomet that her dog of a husband didn’t give her some fatal STD. No sympathy for a bird that spread her wings to a married man. I applaud Beyonce for not financing his whorish lifestyle. He don’t even have class enough to use a damn condom. She is a bird still. She need that bread.

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