Reggie Bush Set to Marry This Weekend

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kim Kardashian may have moved on from Reggie Bush to get married two more times, but Reggie has been seeing the same woman since his split from the reality star. Reggie and his fiancée and baby mama Lilit Avagyan have been going strong for a couple of years now and sources say they will tie the knot this weekend.

TMZ reports:

Reggie Bush is finally going to tie the knot … THIS WEEKEND … and the NFL star is getting married at the same place where LeBron James swapped “I dos” … TMZ Sports has learned.

We know … the Detroit Lions running back and his longtime girlfriend/baby mama Lilit Avagyan are all set to have their wedding at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego this weekend.


    1. IDK I mean she only gets with men to keep her relevant and try to make her legitimate. Kanye got her little trampy behind on Vogue. She thinks she won the lotto with him.

  1. I think Reggie is the only man Kim actually loved. She just used everyone else and she’s just using Kanye.

    1. Loved? Nope. Kim only loves money and fame. She’s probably never loved any man. Just what they can do for her.

  2. Congrats! But am I alone in thinking that this isn’t the best pic of his bride-to-be? She looks like she had a plastic surgery mishap.

  3. I think Reggie just has a type. If he did pick a clone he got one minus the attention whoring & hundreds of men that have ran through the Kim. I would take a clone too instead of the original less headache Reggie is a smart man bhahahahahaha lol.

  4. Ya’ll got so much to say about Kim and she’s whore etc. Do you really think she cares what you say? GET A LIFE HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey Kim, yes we know you care and live for reading comments on various sites about your vain self. That is why you didn’t even stay long at the hotel you picked for your honeymoon because you didn’t have strong enough service to sit online all day and read the same comments that drive your publicity stunts. Now run along and plan another staged photo op for your child before you whisk her away for the night to be with her real mom, the nanny.

    2. You sound stupid as hell. Yes, Kim cares what we say about her. Kim herself has said on numerous occasions that she reads every comment and blog story about herself. The damn woman has Google alerts set so she can read EVERYTHING. She’s so pathetic she actually reads every single comment she gets on Instagram. So yes she cares. And you care too which is why you’re in your feelings about what folks are saying on here. Kim’s whole life revolves around what people think and say about her because she doesn’t have a real career. That’s what happens when you’re famous for no real reason besides porn. When you don’t have talent, you have time to stay on the Inetrnet all day and read what people think about you. She has no tours to go on, no music to put out and does nothing but posy selfies all day. So either find someone else to stan for or seethe knowing that your fave lets comments run her life. Why not? She doesn’t really work anyway. LOL.

      1. Gloria you sound like another mad one too! Gosh I know she just sits back and laughs all the way to the bank when she reads ignorant comments like yours! I hate when ppl try to downplay someone else’s success are you mad because you couldn’t be in a sextape and make millions off it? I THINK SO…#checkmate #ImDone #GameOver #DashKardashianOut

        1. Are you really that pathetic to think profiting from a sex tape warrants jealousy? No idiot, I don’t need to make a sex tape to build my empire. I go to sleep well at night knowing I’m creating generational wealth for my family with my brain and I didn’t have to spread my legs to succeed at life. You’re sad and it makes sense why you like Kim. You’re just as pathetic as she is.

          1. GLORIA GLORIA GLORIA hunni you have a lot more researching to do before you throw shade.If you know anything you would know KIM been had MILLIONS long before the sextape with RayJ..The sextape made her popular in Hollywood.Her father was a legendary attorney that represented OJ and she was a ardrobe stylist to Hollywood stars.SO be fore you throw shade on my “sister” in my head..DO YOUR RESEARCH STUPID!

          2. QUEEN? who asked for you to do cosign?? I got this under control I don’t need sidekicks interfering go to BED your obviously tired like the other 2 gals..#zzzzzzzz

          3. Lies. Kim did not have “millions.” Her family was well to do but nothing like what the tape and reality show did for them. Nice try though stupid. Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re impressed by a woman using a sex tape to become “successful.” You’re just as rotten and gross as chewed up gum on the bottom of a shoe.

          4. DashKardashian, the last time I checked I could comment on whatever I wanted to. So what are you going to do about it? I’ll wait.

    3. Pathetic little stan please exit stage left because this is not a Kim K a-s kissing blog. We tell the real and the real is she is a whore.

    4. And while we’re at it my intellectually challenged friend, what does Kim have to be jealous of? I’ve always pondered on that one. *sits*

  5. And it sounds like you are another MAD,JEALOUS blogger. Ugh if you hate her so much why come to her article and comment? Now run along little one and comment on another celebrity article that you hate..#GETYOURLIFE

    1. Are you that dense that you don’t know how to use the reply button on here? *cracks knuckles* Oh this is going to be fun. LOL.

      1. So not only does your slow and special sauce self not know how to use the reply button, but you also don’t know the difference between you’re and your. Typical Kardashian stan. Stupid, vapid, materialistic, and delusional. LOL.

  6. Ya’ll have never met this woman a day in your life but so quick to jump on the blogs and talk about her! Ugh negative nancys like both of you should be banned form the blogs!!

    1. Khloe get your big ogre looking a-s off this blog. You need to be trying to help French’s deadbeat a-s take care of that child he hasn’t seen in years. Ole Shrek looking a-s…

  7. You are crazy is that better?? And when you reply dummy you reply to the person’s comment..STUPID…you shoulda just posted your comment and not replied to mines..NOW WHOSE IN THE SPECIAL SAUCE..YOUUUUUUU

    1. “And when you reply dummy you reply to the person’s comment..STUPID…you shoulda just posted your comment and not replied to mines..NOW WHOSE IN THE SPECIAL SAUCE..YOUUUUUUU”

      The jokes write themselves. Please, continue. Stupid people give me an ego boost.

    2. Girl what? Why are so pressed about Kim? Are you Kim or a person in her circle? This is weird. I swear only the Kardashians and their circle get this upset about comments. Most people don’t give a sh-t because they understand what fame is about but not y’all. Yall rant on Twitter about what strangers think and stay trolling blogs. You’re rich right? It’s not that deep. Smh.

  8. Anyway, I used to think this girl looked like Kim but now I don’t think they look alike. She’s pretty and their baby is gorgeous.

  9. Its so many “KARDASHIAN HATERS” coming out the blue I can’t keep up..LOL you guys are soooo funny especially you “SERIOUSLY” you’re the maddest of the bunch I bet your overweight and underpaid.! ha

    1. So now I’m overweight because I am not a fan of a porn star? Really sis, is this the best you can do? You’re not even a challenge. I’m actually disappointed because I popped my knuckles thinking this would be good. Come on, try harder. Fat insults from strangers who have never seen me in real life aren’t effective.

      1. But most people like you that HATE so much are normally the ones that are OVERWEIGHT,OBESE AND UNATTRACTIVE which im pretty sure that describes you..You commented on a post that has nothing to do with KIM dam couldn’t you just tell REGGIE congrats..You sit up all day and post negative comments on post because im pretty frequent here and I have seen other comments from you.YOU ARE NOW AN OFFICIAL MEMBER OF THE KARDASHIAN FAMILY HATER FANCLUB.. and honey please she has everything to be jealous of.She has a body of a goddess that is 100% real and she is extremely BEAUTIFUL and has a beautiful family. SO WHILE YOU COMMENTED ON HER DO YOU EVEN HAVE A MAN TO ATTEND TOO?? I think not because you probably look like the sh-t that came out my a-s in the toilet..BLAH!

        1. So it took you about ten minutes and this was the best you could come up with? Again, go back to the drawing board. Your comments about my looks aren’t working because you have never seen me in real life. You’re throwing a temper tantrum like a 8 year old because I don’t like someone you do. And you’re really not capable of holding your own on here because you have no wit. And lastly, tell me what Kim has to hate on? I’m still waiting on that.

          1. MISS JACKSON ARE YOU RETARDED?? if you do your research it was proven on the show her body is real she has noooooo butt shots pumkin..sit down and take notes!

          2. “MISS JACKSON ARE YOU RETARDED?? if you do your research it was proven on the show her body is real she has noooooo butt shots pumpkin” LMAO!!!! So yes, you are retarded!

          3. She didn’t get butt shots. She got a fat transfer. Fat transfers to the booty don’t show up on X-rays. I think K Michelle got that procedure done too.

        2. “and honey please she has everything to be jealous of.She has a body of a goddess that is 100% real and she is extremely BEAUTIFUL and has a beautiful family.” – Too easy.

          1. Her body is not real. Her boobs, face, and butt were worked on.
          2. Her beauty was ruined by terrible plastic surgery. I see prettier women on the street who are natural/no work done.
          3. Her family is a mess. I wouldn’t want to be related to any of those people.

          So is that all?

  10. Uh oh…a Kim stan who has no idea what blog she’s on. Lol!

    -signed a Kim stan who learned the hard way

    1. LOL they gangin up on me! Its so many of them coming from everywhere!! haha lmaooo but ima 1 woman army I can take all the haters for her..

      1. They don’t like Kim girl, but don’t take it personal. And you said you like Beyonce too well most of the people on here love her. You fit in more than you know. *hugs*

    2. You can be a Kim stan on here or period that’s not a problem. Everybody has a right to like or dislike who they want. The problem with this stan is she labeled us haters and insinuated that everyone on here was jealous because she didn’t like the comments about Kim.

      1. Aww she’s just upset about the comments. Don’t take it personal. Y’all didn’t like me either at first but now look at us. 🙂

      1. im always ready boo.i was born ready 10/20/1990 #BAM! and I been getting you together for awhile now you should be tired..i know those chubby fingers you have are tired by now ha

          1. and what are you a 30’s baby?? HEY MISS DOUBTFIRE..girl bye go nit me a sweater or watch jeopardy your boring me now..#yawnsssss WHO’S NEXT?

      2. where’d you go GRANNY?? cant keep up??? MY WORK IS DONE HERE..IM on to the next blog..Im sure I will see you haters on another article hating on someone else..IT BETTER NOT BE THE KARDASHIANS OR BEYONCE BECAUSE I WILL GET YOU TOGETHER AGAIN AND AGAIN.!!! #BYE #DASHKARDASHIANISOUT

        1. Girl you didn’t get anyone together, not even your grammar or reasoning skills. But thank you for the ego boost. I’ve always said Kardashians stans were stupid and it was just a hunch. But you actually got on here and confirmed it for me.

          Oh and I caught you in a lie. You said you have been reading this blog and know my comment history. If you really were a regular on here, you would know 99% of us are BeyHive. You lie just like a Kardashian.

          PS. Kim will always get dragged on here and that won’t change. Seethe.

        2. Wait, you stan for the KANG boo? Now if you’re BeyHIve, I can certainly overlook this. Welcome my fellow Bey stan. *hands DashKardashian a welcome package*

          1. Thanks for the welcome package hunnty,im definitely #BEYHIVE over anything I love her!! ..yasssss *cries tears of joy as opening package*

          2. Lol see! I knew y’all would chill when she said she was BeyHive. I love you guys. 🙂

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