Rihanna Responds to Wendy Williams Diss?

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Talk show queen Wendy Williams managed to piss off Rihanna’s fan base when she took some pretty hard shots at the singer’s sex life reputation and she basically told her audience during Hot Topics recently that Rihanna is a tramp who isn’t seen as girlfriend material to most men.

Although she got dragged for hours by the Navy, Wendy still hasn’t apologized and Rihanna remained pretty mum.

However, Rihanna did seemingly respond by tweeting the following vine video in which the fan in the video says:

“B*tch, why you mad? Cause my p***y pops severely and yours don’t.”


  1. Her réponse only confirmed what Wendy said about her though. What happened to her wit? She’s been disappointing me lately.

    1. Whatever. Answer me this. Why hasn’t Wendy said these things about J-Lo or Taylor Swift? Both have been linked to way more men than Rihanna has. Marinate on that.

      1. I think J-Lo and Taylor Swift are even bigger hoes though…LOL. As for Wendy, she’s a J-Lo stan so she’s never going to say anything bad about her. And coming for Taylor Swift will ruin your career. Look at what it did for Kanye.

    2. There’s no way that vine was a response to Wendell because Rihanna tweeted this before the show aired. Either way, Wendell is still a sorry a-s excuse for a woman with that mess. She talks up JLo like MFEC said but tries to clown Rihanna. My question is, back in her crack – hoe days, just many many d-cks did Wendell suck for her fix? She’s one to talk about penicillin!

      1. No, the show aired on the 14th though. People starting tweeting about it that day in the morning because it aired on the East coast at 10am. By 12 everyone on Twitter was talking about it before Wendy even posted it to her YouTube page. In fact, Wendy was slow to put up the video because she was already getting dragged about it so bad about it. So yes, that tweet was most likely for Wendy and I think it was a dumb response.

        1. Okay, you may be right about the timeline. But dumb response or no, Wendy’s selective memory about who she trashes is messed up. I don’t usually wish bad for people, but I can’t wait for karma to pay her manly a-s a visit. She better hope her son and her tranny-loving hubby keep it double strapped, or else she’ll be spending her coins on a lifetime of medications.

          1. Oh no I think Wendy will get her karma too. She’s said and done some really messed up things

      2. I agree totally people who live in a glass house must not throw stone.first to begin we all know about Chris Drake and that NFL guy Rihanna dated. Now miss drag queen wendy how many men u ever been link to! Too many to count. So u r tramp. U should be a shame of urself. I guess tha t s how u feel good about ur self by putting others down u must remember that u have a child .U should giving advice to young people. Not putting them down. Stop being a hater

    3. Two mean girls going at it, what else is new? Wendy’s a (lovable) gossip and Rihanna’s a bully with a good voice. The latter gets so many Stans because everyone likes to identify with strong voices, regardless of what they are *actually* saying. Cue the Navy sheeple….

      1. Yes, she(we)absolutely cares casue she responded. Rihanna is very much aware of her (our)reputation & status on/in the media…Trust~ What Wendy said is true, ain’t nobody trying to WIFE us, We’re sad and we make jokes for people to think we’re so tough but in actuality, we’re crying on the inside!
        – I’m sorry Rih, I had to say something!
        Your Reputation

  2. Oh here we go. Now everyone is going to say Rihanna should not have posted this because they don’t have a sense of humor.

  3. I’m not a fan of this “clap back” but my opinion on the subject still stands. I don’t think it was cool for Wendy to say what she did on her show. Especially since most of the stuff we hear about Rihanna is just rumors anyway.

  4. Now see this is a pretty mild respond from Rihanna. She went in on people who have said less about her.

  5. LMBO that video was funny and random as hell. Look Wendy was wrong because she was really nasty with what she said about Rihanna. She doesn’t even really know who Rihanna has been with besides Chris and Drake and two men don’t make a woman a slut the last time I checked.

  6. Wendy is probably excited Rihanna actually responded. Y’all know that’s all she wanted anyway. LOL.

  7. Y’all right we only seen Rihanna wit 2 dudes this yr and last. But that Taylor Swift has had like 10 boyfriends a few of them older than her and then some young, then she makes songs about them. J Lo has also been around she needs to drag them bishes. I can’t stand Taylor she always tryna play innocent HOE J Lo been a hoe.

  8. Wendy is a hater. She doesn’t like any black woman who is doing better than her. She drags Rihanna and Beyonce the most and it makes me sick!

  9. But let’s talk about the facts though. Wendy Williams used to be a crackhead and she used to suck random d-cks and sleep around to get her drugs. Now is that not more trampish than a young woman with a career who dated a few people?

  10. Eh, I was expecting her to drag Wendy, actually looking forward to it because I can’t stand her, boo.

  11. RIRI’s fans will take care of Wendy and real soon something about Wendy will come out but you can rest asure her son is catching hell cause I know he is on IG and twitter and he is hearing about his mom being called a crackhead. I just want Wendy to address the fact that her husband was buying shoes for another women in EVE’S shoe store.

  12. I’m so sick of the damn hump back camel don’t you have a mountain to climb. She seems to feel a certain kinda way about Rihanna for some reason . I’m trying to figure out why she feel the need to clock other people’s coochies!! Maybe if you quit clocking other people’s and use your your man wouldn’t stray.

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